Friday 18 January 2008

Looking after Bobinette

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My neighbour called yesterday to say she was taking a ski weekend with her husband and her cat Bobinette needed a "cat" care person, so as it was only the door next to mine, there was no problem. Bobinette is now eight years old and a very friendly cat, at least she is with us humans, one small problem being that she doesn't like other cats very much, especially my Tabby and Fluffy. I don't think she has made her mind up about my Nera, the black one, as Nera likes to contemplate and think about things.

I looked in on Bobinette this morning before I went to work, but she only had one think in her feline brain and that was food. It was herring for breakfast in a special sauce, but first of all when I opened the door she rolled on the floor for a tummy tickle. Afterwards she miaowed her way into the kitchen where I gave her breafast. While she was busy eating I cleaned out her cat tray. I left afterwards to go to work. That is the advantage with cats, they don't really need a partner for conversation, at least they don't when they are already eight years old. They like to be their own company, and I am sure that Bobinette curled up somewhere in the home and slept most of the day.

When I arrived home this evening from work, I paid Bobinette a visit to see how she was doing, but it was the same thing as this morning. A tummy tickle and then a plate of food. She seemed to be quite content so I left her to her own thing. I did ask her if she wanted to pay my cats a visit for a bit of company, but she didn't really seem to understand what I said, so I left it at that. Her humans will be coming home on Sunday afternoon, so I think she will be ok until then.

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