Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Daily Prompt: A Sandwich of a Walk along the River Aar

If a restaurant were to name something after you, what would it be? Describe it. (Bonus points if you give us a recipe!)

I did this one before on 23rd July 2013 and although I did not exactly give a recipe I supplied details with a photo and you know what, I am still waiting for my bonus points. I do not know to expect, something nice and tasty, perhaps a WordPress t-shirt, although they are no longer trophies to be proud of. Certainly manufactured with recycled material as everything else in WordPress, so let’s leave it. If you want to know what my signature dish is, then read it on the old rehashed prompt grid.

And now for something completely different. Yesterday I took a walk along the river Aar in Switzerland.

Mallard duck speeding along the Aar

“Mr. Duck can you keep still, otherwise you will be blurred on my super photo.”

“Mrs. Angloswiss photographer, try to keep still in a river that is a raging torrent. Thank goodness the missus is safe with the nest and eggs in some reeds on the side. You can take like a duck to water, but if you have it raining for a whole week non-stop, then even we ducks have to fight against the current. Look at my colleagues, they are all swimming in the same direction. No chance of making a full turn and swimming against the flow of the water.”

I decided to find Mrs. Duck, but she was well hidden, although I found some remainders of last year’s reeds.

Bull Rush stalks along the River Aar

I was alone of my quest for a raging torrent on the river, although I passed a few brave souls taking a walk. One lady was on her bicycle and another was doing one of those keep-fit running things which I left behind in my younger years, although I do not remember ever running. I was always a walker. I decided to climb the steps to the top of the river bank and as a target I saw two trees where my journey was going. In the good warmer rain-free days the farmer deposits a herd of cattle around the trees, but even the cows stayed at home. Rumour had it that they refused to go out in the rain. Their food trough was still empty. As you can see the sky was in a threatening mood as it to say take your photos and go home, Noah is collecting wood for his ark.

Trees, Feldbrunnen on a hill above the River Aar

Eventually I reached the top step and had a view across the River Aar. I was still in Feldbrunnen land where I live, but could see the village of Zuchwil on the other side. I was astonished to see a rape seed field with its yellow carpet of flowers, but with so much rain lately, everything is growing at a Formula 1 racing car pace.

Rape flowering in Zuchwil across the river Aar

I decided it was time to go home. Mr. Swiss had gone into town to deal with a quest for something. He will be going into the local clinic for a couple of days  on Friday and has a few preparations to take care of.

Today the sun is shining and the birds are singing, although it rained all through the night. It seems the rain has an influence on my plants as I seem to have a rain forest growing in my garden. I just saw a slug.

“Hello slug (they don’t have Mr. and Mrs.) how are things with you?”

“Oh, fine. It looks like it will be a good day. Water everywhere to help me on my way. I am just taking a survey of the garden, but it seems those lovely juicy plants you had last year have not grown this year.”

“Yes slug, that is correct. You ate the surviving leaves and so I decided to plant something anti slug this year. No more juicy leaves and flowers.”

“In that case I will slime my way to the next garden. The humans there may not be so cruel and heartless as you are.”

And with that the slug slimed its way on and I waved a forever goodbye. 


  1. There's something about that shot of the two trees that I really like. Maybe it's the sense of drama.

    1. Thanks, I am honoured coming from the expert. actually I took the photo with my Canon point and shoot (well perhaps an expensive point and shoot) and did not do anything to the finished photo.