Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: The Guilt that haunts me - Huh?

Share a time when you were overcome with guilt. What were the circumstances? How did you overcome your guilt?


“It wasn’t me Mrs. Human, it was the feline next door.”

“But there is no feline next door Tabby. The next feline is two doors away. A feline buried their recycling material where my rose bush is.”

“But Mrs. Human I thought rose bushes like recycling material. It makes them strong and resistant. They develop king sized flowers and I am sure all your neighbours will be jealous.”

“Tabby that is almost a confession.”

“It is all a matter or interpretation. I was just saying.”

“But it is buried next to the roots of the bush.”

“All the better, absorption of the positive fertilising elements will be much quicker.”

“Not if the roots are damaged.”

“How do you know if they are damaged. You have not even looked closely. There were too many thorns on the rose to get closer, so I am sure they are not damaged.”

“You see Tabby, that is proof, you have admitted to burying your recycling matter next to my rose bush.”

“You humans are never satisified. I was convinced you would be pleased, proud, happy, but no. No appreciation for the felines.”

“But Tabby, it smells.”

“The great feline playwright William Catnipspear said in one of his great works, Romeo and Juliet on a roof at full moon “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet as feline recycling matter”.”

“I seem to have that quote differently in my memory Tabby.”

“That is because you are a human and do not appreciate the sweet scents of a feline life.”

Daily Prompt: The Guilt that haunts me

Share a time when you were overcome with guilt. What were the circumstances? How did you overcome you guilt?


I could hear the hammering as I walked up the stairs from my prison cell to the courtroom. I was a dangerous criminal, guilty of untold deeds, never to be forgiven and now it was the trial. I entered the courtroom. The judge was sitting and waiting with his computer on his desk in front of him.  It was a real power machine, not one of those laptops, but had all the bells and whistles, and he had even connected it to a screen for all to see my misdeeds. I hung my head in shame. 

“Mrs. Angloswiss it is proven that you wrote a daily prompt on 24th December 2013.”

“Yes your honour.”

“And again the same prompt on 1st December 2015. A space of two years to write on the same subject.”

The public were shaking their heads and I wanted to disappear in a hole in the ground, I was ashamed.”

“Do you plead guilty, or not guilty?”

“Guilty” I answered. They told me that if I admitted my sins, the verdict would be more lenient. My lawyer glared at me, he was disappointed. He told me I had been tricked into writing the same prompt twice by the organisation. It was always the organisation that gave the orders, and we were following. Three of us had already disappeared, their blog sites covered with the dreaded 404 sign, the white large numbers on a yellow background. Their owners had not been seen since, no-one knew where they were. 

The prosecutor took the stand. He was wearing a t-shirt with the words of the organisation. I wanted such a t-shirt once, I ordered one, hoping that if I publicly showed my feelings for the organisation they would overlook my sins. I received the t-shirt two sizes too small, they were making a fool of me and I trusted them.

“Mrs. Angloswiss was you aware that writing a daily prompt twice was a crime against the cyber world? If you were a newbie you would not be standing before us today, but you are a veteran, a golden oldie, and should know better.”

“But the organisation repeat constantly the same prompts and I had no choice.”

“You had no choice? Of course you had a choice, Have you never seen the words written on our prompt “Sometimes, you sit down to blog but your words and photos get stuck — prompts give them a push. We publish a new one every morning.”

“Of course I have, but when the words appear daily I assumed that it was just a computer habit and not with real meaning. Since a year I have not seen a new one every morning.”

“You wear glasses Mrs. Angloswiss. When did you have your last eye test?”

“Objection” At last my lawyer said something and he contnued. “The condition of Mrs. Angloswiss eyes has absolutely nothing to do the crime.”

The judge hammered on his keyboard. “Objection overruled. Mrs. Angloswiss is only to write a daily prompt with complete perfect eyesight.”

“To continue” said the prosecuter. “Mrs. Angloswiss, you maintain you have not seen a new prompt every morning.”


“You live in Switzerland?”


“The Swiss only receive the daily prompt at the beginning of the afternoon. Where are you when the daily new prompt arrives.”

“Usually I am sleeping, it is my custom as a golden oldie to take a midday sleep.”

“It seems to me that a great interest in the daily prompts, which arrives new every morning as stated on our page, does not exist from Mrs. Angloswiss.”

The judge was looking at me. “Does the defender have something to say, in view of this accusation. Defender, defender.”

In the meanwhile my defender had left the courtroom, fled would be the word.

“Mrs. Angloswiss do you have something to say as a closing statement.”

“Your honour, it was not intentional to write the same prompt twice, but I receive them twice daily with no exception. I do try to vary my efforts by approaching the daily prompt from a different angle.”


“As a closing statement I would say that Mrs. Angloswiss is a so-called repetitive criminal in every sense of the word and there is no excuse for her behaviour.”

“In this case the jury can retire for their verdict.”

“Your honour the members of the jury, all newbies of the organisation, have met their verdict.They find the accused guilty.”

“I thank the jury for coming so quickly to a decision.”

It did not look good, the judge took the black mouse in his hand.

“The accused is guilty. A sentence of inventing 1 years new original prompts is the verdict. Should she suggest twice the same prompt, she will be sent to land 404 with the yellow background, where there is no return.

Was this the part where I woke up from the dream?

Monday, 30 November 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: Mousekiller, Feline Fighter, Bird Hunter

When you were 10, what did you want to be when you grew up? What are you now? Are the two connected?

Tabby trying the new bag out

“When I was 10 Mrs. Human, I cannot remember being 10, is that a human thing?”

“You are now 13 years old in human years, so it would have been 3 years ago.”

“But I am not a human, never have been and to be quite honest, have never wanted to be a human. I am feline so let’s stick to the plain truth.”

“OK, you would probably have been quite small then.”

“I don’t remember wanting to be anything when I was small. I just want to grow up and see the world”

“Yes I remember taking the photo when you jumped into the bag. I really though you wanted to go with me.”

“Don’t be silly, I just wanted to be protected on all sides, to make sure that I wouldn’t be attacked and it was nice and cosy in that bag. So at the age of human 10 my only wish was to be fed and have someone to empty my recycling tray if it was not possible to bury my unwanted matter in the garden. I remember I wanted to be the feline that everyone feared, the one they respected.”

“And did it work out?”

“I think it did, but Roschti and Bubu did all they could to prevent my rise to fame. I fought against them and I was always first in the cat flap to rescue my nine lives when they were chasing me.”

“Now you have achieved everything you wanted?”

“Mrs. Human, I cannot be bothered to think about it. Even I find this a silly prompt. Once a feline always a feline. Feeling mice was part of growing up and also preparing for them: doing mice drills, or having mouse supplies. The looming feeling was part of my life. My experience of mice has always been more the fear of them, or the possibility.”

“That was clever Tabby and very wise. “

“Of course it was, I read it somewhere on my pawpad in Whiskerpedia, but it is how I felt in the growing up process. The need for the hunt and the success was always in my blood, even before I was 10 and it still is. Yes I am the great feline hunter, when I am not sleeping.”

Daily Prompt: Ballerina, Fireman, Astronaut, Filmstar

When you were 10, what did you want to be when you grew up? What are you now? Are the two connected?

I would have like to have become a secret agent, something like James Bond, but they were not recruiting at the time and my family did not have connections with the British Foreign Office: growing up in a working class family where dad worked in a factory and mum either didn’t work because she had me to look after, or eventually also worked in a factory. I rememberer first job in a factory was sewing loops on women’s intimate articles needed once a month. She could not tell me what she actually did, but explained it by “working on a sewing machine”. Later she moved on to shop assistant in Woolworth’s, a chain of shops in England originally from the States, which no longer exist. And me? I was still dreaming of becoming a secret agent and so I eventually settled for the British Police Force, although I did not really like the uniforms. I actually visited the local police station  a few years later, when I was 16 year old, to make enquiries how it could happen, and that’s that.

I found this prompt boring in August 2013, and now they are really scraping the bottom of the barrel. It has now, more or less, got to the stage where I just take part, but my heart is not in the matter. Daily Prompt are you really running out of ideas, why are you doing this to us?

This morning Mr. Swiss and I did our Monday morning shopping trip; nothing special, but there were a few things we needed such as food. On the way in the car I watched the passing scenery. It was cold, no snow and a little dismal, but I could see the Alps in the background. Seeing the alps where I live is no exception, they are big and in the right light they poke up. Mr. Swiss said that it must be a south wind blowing to see them so clear. I again admired his sense of meteorology. He always has an explanation for everything. I often thought, when we watch the weather forecast on the TV, that a meteorologist would have been his dream job. He knows so much more that the men and women who tell us about how the weather will be. 

“Oh look, it’s that idiot again. Yesterday he said it would snow and there is still no snow.” “She told us last week it wouldn’t rain, and since it hasn’t stopped”. If only he had studied further in the university. He is so good at it. He would definitely have been a success on the television and radio telling us what to prepare for. 

After we had completed our shopping trip, which went quite smoothly, we left the supermarket, the entrance being on a higher level than where we had parked the car, so it was the chance for one of my prize suspicious photos of the swiss alps in all their glory. “What again” I can hear you saying. Sorry, but it was either the Swiss Alps or Mr. Swiss and he was not in such a photographic mood today, so here are the alps taken from the upper parking space of our local supermarket. I have better photos on my real camera, this was just with my iPhone.

Alps from supermarket in Langendorf

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: Felines Unplugged

Sometimes, we all need a break from these little tins of tuna fish. How do you know when it’s time to unplug? What do you do to make it happen?


Mrs. Human, Mrs. Human. No answer and it’s time for my daily feline blog, but who needs a human? She seems to be busy on her pawpad, sorry computer. I am sure she has exciting things to tell other humans, although not as exciting as my unplugged world. I even meow unplugged now and again, although it seems my voice is not always appreciated, especially when I am bored in the early morning hours. Mrs. Human is not happy.

As the introduction states, I do not always have to be surrounded by tins of tuna fish. My tuna fish days are usually Wednesdays and Sundays, although I often have to give a claw prod on Mrs. Human to remind her. She is no longer one of the kittens and she even has problems bending to empty my recycling tray. I might have to look around for a new human, although the market is quite exhausted at the moment. Human kittens are often in the learning phase. They seem to think that a stroke and cuddle and keeping the cat flap closed is the answer to a feline dream.

Of course Mrs. Human had to learnt the hard way, but I put my paw down. I remember it as if it was yesterday when she had a repair on one of the window handles. The human that was doing it had a telephone call on one of these human phones that they carry with them, or is it part of their anatomy. Anyhow he was talking to another human about her new window with the built in cat flap and my whiskers and ears were alert.

“Mrs. Human, did you know you can have a window together with a cat flap.”

“No Tabby.”

“I thought not, so I ordered one today with the human that fixed your window handle.”

“But Tabby that is expensive”

“No problem Mrs. Human, all paid for online with your credit card. It will be delivered tomorrow.”

I think that was the first time when my human realised that eating tuna fish and sniffing cat nip was not the ideal feline life. We wanted to get out in the fresh air and fight our own battles. We needed an unplugged life and so it happened. The window was fitted with the cat flap and I was free. Many were the nights and days when I would wander unplugged through the grass killing anything that breathed and was tasty for an extra snack. Mrs. Human was not so happy when I would bring the kill home: even when I gave her a leg or ear. Humans are fussy and not so keen on mice although they do eat birds, but big birds without feathers. And now I must go I can hear the sound of a tin opener, it is Sunday. Unplugged is good, but so is my home  Mrs. Human I am coming and don’t forget to garnish my tuna with a sprig of parsley, we felines eat with the eyes.

Daily Prompt: Bloggers Unplugged

Sometimes, we all need a break from these little glowing boxes. How do you know when it’s time to unplug? What do you do to make it happen?

My computers

Here they are, both sitting and waiting for the great moment to be plugged.They are both resting, waiting for the CPR of life; Computer Plug Resuscitation of course. I do not need a break from these glowing boxes, they need a break from us. 

They have their own place to relax, away from the turbulences of online life. Give them room to recover, to take it easy and reload their bytes and system.  

“Here she comes again Apple”

“Must be breakfast time Acer, which means it’s your turn to keep her happy with her searches for life in the digital world.”

“But I don’t feel like it. I am exhausted. She was uploading photos again yesterday and we all know what that means.”

“Not really Acer, tell me all about it. She rarely does it with me, but takes the photos that she already uploaded on your organs. Does it hurt?”

“No, not really, although she now and again says profanities if the programme she uses is on strike, this means about 10 refreshes until it arrives.”

“But that’s not your fault, that’s the programme.”

“Try telling her that. A bad workman always blames the tools. Yesterday was a field day. First of all transferring photos from the mobile. Of course she also took a few with the camera and where did they all meet? In my central resting place for things to be organised.”

“But that is our job Acer?”

“Not if she has created hundreds of different files and plugs hard disks into my ports. I tell you my ports are getting sore with the increased in and out. Three of those disks she now has and not only being satisfied with that she also throws the photos onto my memory. I am tired, worn out.”

“Stop complaining Acer, it’s my turn in the afternoon. Look she is doing it now. Writing some sort of prompt thing, and it is called a daily prompt. Do you know what that means: every day and this since at least 5 years.”

“But Apple she has only had you for a year, so who was she using before you arrived? Yes, me Acer, every morning, every afternoon and then the evening, although the evening jobs have been reduced to distributing the photos in all directions.”

“And you think the writing work is nothing, my keyboard is getting computer arthritis. An hour in the afternoon and now she does it some evenings.”

“But I am also on call in the evening.”

“I noticed, we often sit side by side on the desk.”

“At least we can have our own little private conversations now and again.”

“By the way Acer I heard you are being replaced. Looks like you will be going to the computer cemetery in the cellar together with Toshiba and HP from Mr. Swiss.”

“How do you know.”

“She ordered your replacement on me of course and that was a job, surfing around all over the place until she found what she wanted; seems that Windows 10 is required now.”

“But she can upload that on me, Windows 10 is always knocking on my bytes for entrance. She switches it off.”

“Be honest Acer, do you really have room for Windows 10 in your body when Window 7 is doing the job just as well.?”

“Come to think of it not really, I would be exploding at the circuits. What did she order.”

“One of your new relations, also an Acer but called something like Nitro black edition, as powerful as me, but I am Apple, so can still look down on the new arrival. I must say Acer, I will miss you, but I have heard it is comfortable in the computer cemetery. Quiet, even temperatures are cool and the guys down there are a nice bunch, real computer friendly.”

“Oh well, I suppose there comes a time when we all have to go. It was fun while it lasted, but on the other hand no more milk splashed into the gaps in my keys and tea stains on my body. Those breakfast sessions were ruining my appearance. Look she is now doing the closing down goodbye: Chrome/CC cleaner/Malware bytes, so it looks like another night on the shelf until tomorrow morning.”

“Night Acer, of course being an Apple I don’t need all that anti virus stuff, although rumour has it that it has happened, but at the moment I can relax and dream of the glowing days of plugs.”