Monday, 3 August 2015

Daily feline prompt: Isn't your feline red?

When was the last time you were embarrassed? How do you react to embarrassment? 

Garfield? - the neighbour's cat

“Tabby do you think that Roschti is permanently embarrassed?”

“I don’t think that Roschti knows what embarrassment is. He takes what he wants. I even found him dealing in catnip with the local felines.”

“Oh, you mean I shouldn’t have bought any catnip from Roschti.”

“You did what? Where is it Fluffy.”

“Did I do something wrong Tabby?”

“Nothing that cannot be put right Fluffy, Just give me the half.”

“But I had to give  two freshly caught butterflies in payment for the catnip.”

“Ok, Fluffy, you can have the next butterfly that I catch, but not a swallowtail, one of the smaller ones, perhaps just a moth.”

“That doesn’t sound like a good bargain Tabby.”

“I don’t support dealing cats corrupting the kittens with catnip. As the famous feline musician Cat Vicious said “I stopped dealing in catnip because I couldn’t bear Roschti anymore. He was an embarrassment with his silly red fur and his shabby, nasty looking whiskers” and that is why there will be no more hoarding of cat nip from the red feline.  He is an embarrassment to the local feline population. Now lets partake in the enjoyments of a catnip session together, getting high and rolling in the lawn.”

Daily Prompt: The Supermarket Quest

When was the last time you were embarrassed? How do you react to embarrassment? 

Ask a silly question get a silly answer. Embarrassment no longer exists in my vocabulary. I am too old and prefer to watch how the others embarrass themselves by their remarks and actions. 

view over Bernese middle land

Some time last week, on a day when the temperatures were normal and not burning a path in the garden, I took a walk all on my own. I returned unharmed much to the relief of most of my fans, as  I had a daily prompt to write afterwards. Up on the hill at the local castle I had this view of the so-called Bernese middle land - sounds like something from Lord of the Rings, but we only have Swiss Gnomes and they do not live in the middle land but in Zürich on a large road known as Station Road translated. On a clear day the alps would be visible , but it was cloudy and the alps never make good photo in any case. They have a sort of bluish tone and I never did get the hang of how to do it properly with my camera. The White bits in the middle at the front of the photo would be the estate where I live.

This morning we went on a safari trip to the local supermarket. We packed our iPhones to ensure we could be found if we got lost and had containers for the spoils of the chase. Those supermarkets can develop into treacherous places, especially if you are looking for something in particular. Actually I was. Our local chain of supermarkets, known as Migros, had one of those special actions meaning that each time you paid at the cash desk you were given an hand/armful of folded cards, closed with a perforated edge. Now the surprise is that when you tear off the perforated edge the card opens and you find what you might be given free. Unfortunately the majority of these special cards have only “sorry, next time lucky” printed in the middle with a special hieroglyphical code which could lead to winning a holiday or some other great prize.

Mrs. Angloswiss is a fool for such things and the first time she received about 10 of these cards (given according to how much you spend) she found a prize printed on one of them, she could collect a special container filled with organic herb salt. Now I always wanted a pot of organic herb salt, it was my supermarket dream. Today I searched for my organic herb salt and found none. Foiled again you might think, but to avoid embarrassment (in keeping with the prompt) I searched and found a male assistant doing something to the shelves in the supermarket and asked for help. Yes, I was a damsel in distress, near to tears. This is one of the reasons why I always search for a male assistant, they are young and sympathetic to the problems of golden oldies.  He took me to the shelf containing the organic herb salt and found where it should be. Unfortunately the shelf had an empty compartment where the organic herb salt usually is, but undaunted he searched further and with a glint of satisfaction reflecting in his eyes he found my prize of the week.  I don’t know who was happier, the assistant in finding he was successful, or me getting something for nothing. 

Needless to say our lunch was spiced with so much organic herb salt, it had even adopted a green aura when being served. The fried potatoes/hashed browns were green and the steamed fennel also had a coating of green sprinkles. I decided not to overdo it so the chicken filets were left with a yellow coating of spice, which I afterwards drenched in a special Andalusian sauce mixture which is my favourite also available at the local Migros supermarket. 

Yes it was a successful day and we returned home tired but happy. Only the potatoes were somewhat tiresome, as they were quite small and I needed ten minutes to peel them, but even that was conquered. I know this is a boring blog, but so is my life, only spiced now and again from a pot of organic herb salt.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: Lucky Paws

Today is your lucky day. You get three wishes, granted to you by The Daily Post. What are your three wishes and why?

Fluffy, our blind Selkirk Rex

“Now that’s an easy one.
  1. A paw friendly tin opener to open the tuna fish cans
  2. Birds that don’t fly to make it easier for us felines
  3. Mice without bones, to make the digestive part easier.”

“Fluffy, are they your only problems?”

“I think so, do you also have problems Tabby?”

“Oh yes.
  1. I want a waterbed.
  2. My own field of catnip
  3. 5 extra lives.”

“But Tabby you already have 9 lives, That should be enough.”

“I don't think so, I have already used 7 and so I only have another 2.”

“And a waterbed? You will have to be careful when you dream. You might dream of being attacked by a dog and then you will drown.”

“Of course I won’t drown.”

“Oh yes you will, when you extend your claws.”

“I didn’t think of that. Then I will change to a featherbed.”

“I quite like the idea of a field of catnip Tabby, can I share?”

“No Fluffy, it is my wish not yours, although if you would swop a couple of your boneless mice, I might let you have a few leaves to sniff.”

“OK, deal done. When will our wishes be granted Tabby.”

“It is only a figment of the imagination. Mrs. Human did this prompt last year and is still waiting for her wishes to be granted.”

Daily Prompt: Windows 10 and other things

Today is your lucky day. You get three wishes, granted to you by The Daily Post. What are your three wishes and why?

Please read my first answer to this subject in 2014 Lucky Star. Otherwise I have nothing new to add.

Echinacea - purple coneflowers

At the moment I feel a bit like his flower in my garden. I think it is called Echinacea.but not sure. I am certain someone will correct me if I am wrong. Anyhow it is a bit rough at the edges like me. Otherwise life at the villa Angloswiss is not very inspiring at the moment. 

Windows 10 or not, that is the question? Actually not an urgent question for me, because I am an Apple person. Of course, it is always nice to be able to upgrade a Windows computer when it costs nothing, but my Windows computer is suffering from the dreaded Acer problem. I think a gremlin or bad karma has infected its inside. On the other hand, when you have a problem you go for a wander in Internet and discover that many others have the same problem, and you do not feel so alone and abandoned.

It all began about a year ago when I noticed that certain letters on the keyboard refused to work: generally in the morning when I switched it on. I consulted with Mr. Swiss, who bought his Acer about  week before I did, and he said his computer was suffering from the same symptoms. In the meanwhile he has replaced it. However, I continued ignoring the missing “i’s” and “o’s” and a few others and discovered that with patience, five minutes later they again appeared. Consulting in Internet I discovered that my problem was a minor one, as other users of the Acer computers were suffering with lost alphabets and number keys that were printing letters. I continued regardless and really the symptom disappeared after I had issued a few curses over the computer and cleaned the keys, which were somewhat stained from breakfast cereal. Perhaps my Acer computer had an allergy to milk and cornflakes? Who knows? Eventually my Acer was again healthy and I forgot the problem.

It was then that Mr. Swiss brought a smaller Apple macbook home at a special offer (for me to use as well he said). The result was I got infected, and the Apple was the answer to my fruity dreams. How could I have manage without an Apple computer? This was so much the fact that I treated myself to the best Macbook available and have been using it since, although not in the morning. I did not want my new Macbook to be covered with memories of breakfast. I got used to “pages” instead of Word, although I have not yet got so much acquainted with “numbers” instead of “Excel”. but I rarely use the programme. Up to when I retired I was doing the complete accounts for our local first aid group in Excel, but I decided when retired I no longer needed more work than I already have. Retirement is not such an easy job sometimes, and a certain logistic plan has to be made. The day revolved on getting enough sleep.

If ever life gets boring I will try to get to grips with numbers. My only problem, which is not a problem, are photographs. Windows have such a nice little programme for doing basics to uploaded photos. My general size from the camera is 4000x3000 (I think in pixels, but again am not sure - am certain someone will correct me if this is not the case). Anyhow I generally chop my photos to 2000x1500 before saving, as such a large photo is not necessary on my computer and half the size saves space. I am still saving my photos on my Acer and am searching for a free, simple resizing programme on my Apple, which I have not yet found.

In the meanwhile I was away from my Acer computer for five days in Germany and when I returned I realised the dreaded missing letters syndrome had returned and it takes at least 30 minutes daily until they appear. Today it only took 10 minutes, so things are getting better. I am convinced that my Acer felt neglected and forgotten and has now realised I am back to stay (for a while) and will improve its behaviour.

In the meanwhile I am still thinking about converting my Acer to Windows 10, although it is really not necessary at the moment. I have now been spoilt by having an Apple and a Windows machine. I love my Apple and would never part with it. On the other hand it is always useful to have a Windows as a side line. Perhaps I will wait until the new computers arrive with integrated Windows 10 and think it over. 

Appreciate any constructive ideas about my dilemma. Not bad or someone who did not know what to write.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: Meow,, Meow

Time to confess: tell us about a time when you used a word whose meaning you didn’t actually know (or were very wrong about, in retrospect).

Tabby posing for a photo

“Tabby, what does it mean when Mrs. Human says “You are in the wrong place at the wrong time.””

“The is a human expression to tell us we should move.”

“Has she ever said it to you Tabby?”

“Often, every day when I am sleeping on her bed and she wants to take her golden oldie sleep.”

“And do you move.”

“I don’t have much choice. I must admit she says it often and eventually pushes me to one side. She climbs into the bed afterwards.”

“And then?”

“I move back onto the bed and continue sleeping.”

“Does she mind.”

“I don't know I did not ask her. I think she is also sleeping. Why do you ask.”

“I have discovered a nice new place to sleep in our living room, but it seems Mrs. Human and I have conflicting ideas about new places.”


“Because the new place is apparently her old and new place. It is where she prefers to sit.”

“Then she will have to find somewhere new Fluffy.”

“That is also my interpretation of the situation, and that is where we disagree.”

“So what do you do?”

“I do nothing Tabby, but Mrs. Human picks me up and puts me on another chair.”

“So you give her a push and return to where you were.”

“She is too heavy Tabby, eats too much food I think. How do you say in the wrong place at the wrong time in meow?”

“Try hiss, hiss accompanied with some stretched out claws in your paws. That might work.”

“Good idea Tabby, will do. In the meanwhile Mr. Human’s chair is empty, so I will try that.”

Daily Prompt: 1st August, National Swiss Day

Time to confess: tell us about a time when you used a word whose meaning you didn’t actually know (or were very wrong about, in retrospect).

See may last prompt on this subject - I have nothing more to add Dictionary, Schmictionary

Kanton Solothurn, Switzerland, Feldbrunnen flags

The following might be the truth, but as no-one was really there to see it all happen and it was 700 years ago, who knows. It might just be a figment of my imagination. It remains to be proven, by the amount of empty schnapps bottles found on a field surrounding the burnt out remains of a fire, there was a meeting. In the meanwhile it is not even today sure that there was a battle in Morgarten. Read on if you want to know the horrific truth.

Today is 1st August. Now what is so special about the 1st of August. As the story goes three guys/blokes met in a field somewhere in the middle of Switzerland. It was a cold evening so they warmed themselves in front of a roaring fire and shared a bottle of schnaps, probably brewed from the local juniper bushes, known to us in the english speaking world as Gin. These three men also decided to sniff some snuff which intensified the effect of the gin to an extent that they got big ideas.

“Let’s rid ourselves of the Hapsburgers (occupation force), they are of no use.” said Fritz.

“I agree said Fridoline”

“I have the solution” said Melchior after taking a large pinch of snuff and  opened the second bottle of schnapps. “We will start our own country.”

“Do you think that is good idea” said the other two “our wives might not agree”.

“Men” continued Melchior “I am talking of our future. What we now decide will be remembered by every person in our country.”

“But Melchior, what country?”

“We will call it Helvetia.”

“Huh” said Fritz.

“What” said Fridoline.”

“Helvetia, I said. It’s just as good as a name as any other. I read it on a Roman coin they used in our land.”

“Yes but Helvetia is not so easy to remember Melchior. I have an idea” said Fritz. “You know my wife's Swiss rolls are famous through the village, so lets call this country Swiss Roll.”

“Forget it Fritz, you cannot name a country after food. We could call it Switzerland.”

“I will have to ask Helga. She is very particular about how her Swiss rolls are named.”

“Just a minute guys. It was my idea so I have something to say. It will be called Helvetia, but after we have killed the Hapsburgers at our next battle, we will call it Switzerland.”

“We are having a battle with the Hapsburgers?” Said Fritz.

“Why not. There is a little mountain pass near bye called Morgarten and it will be easy to ambush the Hapsburgers. We could throw some Swiss rolls and chunks of Emmental cheese at them, and we might even find a few crossbows. Yes, we will go down in history. Switzerland will become independent and to commemorate the day we will establish some Swiss banks in Zürich, to keep the loot safe.” Melchior was proud of his ideas which were becoming more spectacular with each fresh bottle of schnapps he opened.

“Why Zürich” asked the other two men.

“Why not” answered Melchior.

And so the country of Switzerland came into existence on 1st August 1315, although when the men arrived home early in the morning singing “Vo Luzern gage Weggis zue” they were greeted with Helga’s rolling pin.

After a while the idea became reality and Switzerland was born.

That is why today we are celebrating our national day. I took the photo of the flags in our main road. The one in the middle is the Swiss National Flag. On the left you can see the flag belonging to the Kanton/State of Solothurn, the area where I live. On the right you can see the flag of my local village “Feldbrunnen”, showing our local castle, and a fountain, Brunnen being the German word for a fountain.  So there we have it. Why we are exploding fireworks this evening, if it does not rain, and the children are marching through the local town holding lanterns containing a candle with Swiss subjects depicted on the lantern covers. There will also be a political speech by someone political in the town and Mrs. Angloswiss? She will be at home watching the fireworks from her garden and wondering why people spend so much money on it all.