Friday, 18 July 2014

A Sluggish Life

Slug group photo

“Come on, stay together, this is group photo 2014. Slimy, Sluggy where are you wandering off to?”

“Just hold your snails boss, there is a nice patch of damp parsley in that pot over there, a lovely meal to fill the stomach. We were born to absorb, and so we absorb: quite simple.”

“Now boys, don’t get philosophical. It is not every day that Mrs. Human gathers us together for a photo. We will be famous throughout  Internet.”

“Yes and afterwards, she throws slug killers over us and we dwindle, shrink and melt. Don’t believe everything she says. Group photo my slimy feeler, it is a trick. How did she manage to get us all together?”

“That was easy, she picked us up with a piece of paper in her hand. No way she was getting her fingers sticky and threw us together. I don’t think she likes us.”

“You think so Sticky?”

“I am sure boss.”

“I will think about it, but in the meanwhile be ready. She is saying smile, so let us give her a big smile for the photo.”

Yes I saw them gathering in my garden for another feast. It had been raining non-stop for two days. It was ideal slug weather. They were sleeking one after the other through the grass, aiming for my herbs and a few other slug-friendly plants. There were slugs all over the lawn. I decided on an action plan. I took some kitchen paper and picked them up one after the other and formed a group on the patio. At first they curled up, but when they saw I had the camera in my hand, they became inquisitive. I took some memorable photos to celebrate the evening when I captured the slugs. Some of them tried to escape, but I followed them dauntless. They had no chance and then I pounced with a fresh packet of anti-slug pellets. It is believed to be a kind way to kill them. I decided on this method against the old method of using salt to dissolve them. I would not appreciate having acid thrown at me and I am sure the slugs were grateful for a humane treatment. Two slugs escaped, but the rest were still smiling for the annual group photo.

I was now happy to know that my herbs would survive. The next morning I found recognisable mouth prints in some leaves and I knew that I had not won the battle. The next evening I saw them slugging their way again through the grass, aiming for the chives. I decided to let them live. The weather had changed; we now have a heat wave, sun beating down all day. What the pellets do not achieve, the sun will.

“Never trust a human Slimy, get away while you can. My minutes are numbered the dreaded blue pellet death is upon me, but rest assured my children, all one hundred of them, will avenge my death by pellet” and with that the boss breathed his last breath, together with many other warriors. Mrs. Human strikes again but the slugs, they will return.

Here is Slimy celebrating his newly found freedom back in the lawn.

Slug taking a walk

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  1. One of these slimy sods found it's way into the house recently and left me a lovely set of silver trails across the carpet!!