Friday, 18 July 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt: Object Lesson

Sherlock Holmes had his pipe. Dorothy had her red shoes. Batman had his Batmobile. If we asked your friends what object they most immediately associate with you, what would they answer?

My Objects

This was a stress prompt. I was rushing around collecting everything associated with me. Unfortunately I could not find my blog of the year Pulitzer prize. It would be one of the objects to associate with me, but it must have got lost in the post. My WordPress t-shirt would have completed the arrangement, but there seems to be a problem with size XXL. I am sure this prompt will be repeated sometime in the near distant future. I had to use my smaller camera  to take the photo as my Nikon camera was on the photo.

I always have a camera with me. You never know – my big break might arrive and I would shoot the picture of the year in the local supermarket. “Disappointed customer strangles butcher as her favourite sausage was not on sale” or “Last packet of special super Totally Clean washing powder sold – customers ransack the store emptying coca cola bottles on the shelves”. They would be the photos to remember. I wanted to put Mr. Swiss on the photo, as he is really an object to be associated with me but he is busy watching the Tour de France bicycle race on the TV. It only takes place once a year, usually in summer. I do not know what the attraction is? I like to watch it and see those lovely muscular cyclist legs peddling away through the nice French landscapes, but I think his interest is more in the sporty line of things like speed, technique and all sorts of man things.

Let us move to the lovely blue handbag. “Look Mrs. Angloswiss is coming, the lady with the bright blue handbag” you hear from all my friends. My bright blue handbag is a trade mark, although I am not really the handbag type and prefer to stash my valuable belongings in my pockets. Unfortunately the summer dress, trousers or whatever has not yet been made with enough pockets to accommodate everything I take with me. My Nikon camera would be too big for a handbag. I thus have a smaller version. Many are the times when Mr. Swiss has lost me on a shopping expedition or visit in town because I make a photo stop. He knows the routine, retraces his steps and finds me perhaps squatting in a corner fixing the angle of my super shot. These things cannot be achieved in two seconds, I need more time. I have tried to explain this to Mr. Swiss, but he finds I should concentrate on the importance of the excursion and not risk an accident by precariously positioning myself for the shot of the day and continuously being lost. He just has no understanding for my artistic, creative vein.

Back to the handbag, I love this handbag. I accompanied my daughter-step when she was choosing goods for her boutique. “Mummy you must have that bag”, “Oh no, but do you think so?” “Of course” and she put it together with the pile of boutique clothes selection that she had chosen. She gave it to me as a present and I have used it since during the summer months when I have no large accommodating pockets in the jeans or winter jacket. I have grown to love that bag and I never seem to forget it. “Where’s my bag” and then my eye spots it shining in its bluest blue. You never lose a bright blue handbag. Since having this bag, I choose my clothes to match the bag, although actually everything suits the bag. I am a blue person at heart.

What else is on this wonderful patio table, which is large enough to seat five people. I can even extend it for a dinner party to accommodate seven guests but usually it is just I, me and myself when I am blogging outside. For meals I am joined by Mr. Swiss and son No. 1, although he is on holiday at the moment. My cats sit on the floor forcing me to share some tit bits with them. I am digressing. My computer is on the table. I do not go to bed with it as it would take up too much space, but it is otherwise always near. I check my e-mails, my Facebook page, my WordPress page, my forum page, my Google page, my LEO dictionary German-english page, but I am not addicted, by no means. If the computer is too large to rest at my side, I have my iPad to consult. Perhaps I should have included this in the photo with the WordPress t-shirt that is four sizes too small.

The whole concept of my object lesson is completed by my orchids. I love my orchids, talk to them every day and threaten them if they do not flower regularly. They are part of me. I should have included my two felines, there were three, but Nera departed for the eternal corn chambers just over the rainbow bridge and is now serving Bastet. She sent a message to say the food and accommodation is much better where she is now: no tuna fish, but plenty of meals on feet known as mice.

I am never lonely with my trade marks, the photo seems to be too small to accommodate everything. Oh I fogot the …….. 

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  1. Some items there would be associated with me, too. Camera and computer....definately!! Not a blue handbag though!! LOL. What else? Well, being a movie fanatic, my TV and blu-ray player. And of course my trusty (and rusty) old Mazda 323 car. I've had it so long I think it might almost qualify as an antique!!