Saturday, 19 July 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt: From the Top

Today, write about any topic you feel like — but you must reuse your opening line (at least) two more times in the course of your post.


I hate promptless days.

There was a klong in the fring and the baby jabberwock galumphed. Fragurously he blaggled and froed. Flanging on the strudel tree, he heard the footsteps of a kloggle. “Grogli kloggle” he watscheled and there was a return watschel. Trumbling to the plond he began to goff.

“Why are you goffing?” said the kloggle?”

“Goff willgo” answered the Jabberwock “I hate promptless days”. Chumble blatt glumphing on the ground, the baby Jabberwock slinged and slinged. The kloggle joined him and soon all the fringle inhabitants were slinging.

“Alert, alert” shouted the baby jabberwock. “There is a mantle ploggle approaching.”

“Ooooh”, klagged the kloggles and all began to plonkle with their ears. Beware, promptless mantle ploggles were arriving, blandly bried ploggles, the worst.

The baby jabberwock opened his jaws and plinged. The kloggles could not pling, but they plonged. The fring was full of plinging and plonging. The blandly bried ploggle slued the frag and jumped over the frangle.  They screamed with their jangs “We love promtless days”. The jabberwock and the kloggles clapped their flossels and hurtled the fruit of the strudel tree. The blandly bried ploggles were quelched and as they frumbled in the fring, they grippled a prompt and tried to wavel it on the day.

“Pling and plong” called the jabberwock to the kloggles and they tried their best. A prompt flew through the fring, the jabberwock caught it in his frundle. Blandly bried ploggles chamed and gramed, it was a dangerous situation. There was a galumph, a loud galumph, with stangles and plumties in the sky. A loud carcophanial of changles could be heard. They approached, saving the prompts where they could. A complete herd of jabberwocks roamed the fring, winping all that were carrying prompts. “I hate promptless days” chored the jabberwocks together. The blandly bried ploggles had no chance, being quelched.

The baby jabberwock changelled and plonkered, the prompts were saved. The kloggles were wearing WordPress t-shirts showing the words “Save the prompts”. The jabberwock was tilgered and the jabberwock group were happy. The blandly bried ploggles had lost the battle. Jabberwocks come seldom alone and with the help of the kloggles they slankered all the blandly bried ploggles. The fring was grausam with ploggle pools of purple coca cola.

“Jabby, my little jabby” and the baby jabberwock was plaggled. His froggle changed to plankle blue and his eyes filled with grample tears.

“Mama, mamy” and the mother and son were reunited. The baby jabberwock was rescued from the klangles of the blandly bried ploggles and the kloggles were given new t-shirts showing “I hate promptless days” and “We saved the baby Jabberwock” in jabberwock blue. From this day kloggles were under the protection of the jabberwocks and all blandly bried ploggles were put to work in the t-shirt factory.

I hate promtless days.

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  1. You lost me at 'strudel tree'. I went off on a side trip...imagining the tasty, perfectly-baked and apple-filled treats hanging from it's branches!!