Saturday 2 January 2016

Daily Feline Prompt: Paw Here, Paw Now

Write a post entirely in the present tense. (We don’t have tenses in meow)


“There is a vast open plain in front of me teeming with mice and birds flying over my whiskers. I can see hills in the distance, no they are stacks of tuna fish tins piled up ready for me to climb and there I see the very fist paw friendly tin opener. Yes, he did it, the feline grandson of Whiskers Ezra Paw Warner continues his father’s experiments and the paw friendly tin opener is here. I approach the tin opener, I place it on one of the tins in the tuna fish mountain and press with my paw. The lid removes itself. Unfortunately I take the tin at the bottom of the pile and the other tins tumble down. I am covered with tuna fish tins. I have lost the paw friendly tin opener and so I fight my way to freedom. Meow, meow.”

“Tabby what are you meowing about so loudly in your sleep, are you having a nightmare.”

“Oh, where am I, where are the mice, the birds? I am buried under a mountain of tuna fish tins. This must be a meowmare.”

“It cannot be a meowmare Tabby. I thought it would be a great dream if you were buried in tuna fish.”

“There is a problem Mrs. Human, a great problem.”

“What happened.”

“I found the first ever paw friendly tin opener in my dream.”

“That is great.”

“No, I lost it on the way and now it is buried below the tins of tuna fish.”

“Perhaps you could go back to sleep and will find it.”

“Good idea, wake me up when I am licking my whiskers.”


“Because that means I found it.”


  1. Tabby lives (and sleeps) in hope!!

    1. She seems to be permanently sleeping most of the time and just wakes up to eat and search for a new sleeping place.