Sunday 10 January 2016

Daily Feline Prompt: Modern Feline Families

If one of your late ancestors were to come back from the dead and join you for dinner, what things about your family would this person find the most shocking?

Bobinette and the mouse

“Who are you?”

“I am your great great grandfather, Killer.”

“But you are in the eternal corn chambers I thought.”

“No, today is my WordPress ascension day. I can pay you a visit. So let’s go.”

“Where do you want to go.”

“Kill some food for dinner of course.”

“No need Killer, we have it all packed nicely in plastic bags and Mrs. Human fills our bowl. Sometimes as a treat I get tuna fish.”

“Sorry I don’t quite understand. Do felines meow with a different choice of meows today? Food in a plastic bag? I don’t know what plastic is. Can you eat it, does it breathe and move?”

“No, of course not, it is what they do with it in the shop where Mrs. Human buys the food. It is easier to transport.”

“Just a moment Tabby junior, is that the food you are talking about. All small pieces, and brown. Looks like my recycling matter. No thank you, so we are now going to get some real food, just follow me. I can feel them squirming already, Wait a moment.”

“What are you doing with your paw in that hole in the ground.”

“Getting lunch, or have do the mice also arrive in plastic bags.”

“No, they still live here, but they are difficult to catch.”

“Not for Killer my girl, so take this one and here is another, a whole family. And now for desert.”


“Yes, a nice tender portion of bird of course. Do you prefer wing or a leg?”

“If you ask, then a wing would be find, more meat.”

“So I think that would be enough, crows have plenty of meat on their bones.”

“But you just caught a crow with no problem.”

“They don’t call me Killer for nothing Tabby girl. In our days we didn’t play around, it was a matter of survival and we did it all without plastic bags and recycling similar food. My time is now up, nice to meet you Tabby girl and don’t forget, keep it in the family. They didn’t call me Killer for nothing.”

“Who was that big black feline Tabby, he was vey big.”

“Oh, just one of my ancestors Mrs. Human.”

“But what are all those bones doing laying around.”

“He just called in for a meal I think, although I am not sure. Anyhow he shared it with me. Mrs. Human, Mrs. Human. I think she has fainted.”


  1. All that work convincing Tabby that modern food is good and that chasing mice and birds is bad.......set back by a quick visit by 'Killer' !!

    1. That's the trouble with those ancestors, they always knew everything better.