Monday, 4 January 2016

Daily Feline Prompt: Happy Feline Endings

Tell us about something you’ve tried to quit. Did you go cold turkey, or for gradual change? Did it stick?


“I go cold turkey any time Mrs. Human, I even prefer them cold, and as far as I am concerned you do not have to cook them. The flavour is more intense raw.”

“Tabby I do not think you have understood the meaning of this prompt. Cold Turkey is when you stop a bad habit immediately.”

“But I don’t have any bad habits Mrs. Human.”

“Chasing birds and mice is not something positive.”

“It is according to the way you look at it. Look at those birds on the bird house, there must be at least 30 sparrows.”

“Of course Tabby, they are hungry and are glad for the bird food I put out for them.”

“Rubbish Mrs. Human. Just look at them. They all suffer from overweight, one just fell off a branch because he lost his balance.”

“You mean I am overfeeding them.”

“Definitely, a certain poultry population control is necessary, otherwise we will be overrun with birds, but no problem Mrs. Human, I will be glad to assist. Where shall I begin?”

“Thankyou for the offer Tabby, but I think a scarecrow would do the job just as well.”

“And what about us starving felines.”

“Tabby you always have a bowl of food ready and water, what more can you wish for.”

“But eating vitamin pellets is not helping the overpopulation of birds. Look there is a sparrow pecking at some seeds on the ground.”

“Tabby where are you going.”

“Just doing something to help the bird overpopulation.”

“No Tabby. How would you like it when I would have a dog to help the feline overpopulation.”

“There is no feline overpopulation, you humans make sure of that when we are too young to know why we have to go to the vet for our operation.”

“But it is for your own good Tabby. Would you like to have kittens all the time?”

“Don’t change the subject Mrs. Human, hunting birds is not a habit, it is a feline necessity. We have it in the genes. By the way did you enjoy that roast chicken you and Mr. Human had for dinner yesterday?”

“Don’t change the subject Tabby.”

“Just saying Mrs. Human, just saying.”


  1. Even in photos, Tabby gives off an air of superiority :-)