Sunday 17 January 2016

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Learning Style

What’s your learning style? Do you prefer learning in a group and in an interactive setting? Or one-on-one? Do you retain information best through lectures, or visuals, or simply by reading books?


“Can you still do it Tabby?”

“Do what?”

“Climb your special organised feline steps to reach the top of the cupboard where you like to rest with a view over your complete Kingdom.”

“Of course I can, don’t ask silly questions.”

“Then why don’t you climb up the ladder.”

“I don’t want to.”

“I think you have forgotten how to do it.”

“Hissss, shhhhh, not so loud, the others might read it.”

“Tabby it is a fact, you no longer use your steps.”

“I don’t feel like it, any feline can climb steps, but not every feline can take a jump from the desk to the top of the cupboard like I can.”

“But it is much easier to go up the steps, one after the other: no stress and just take your time.”

“Mrs. Human felines do not take their time, there is no point.”

“Why rush?”

“It is a matter of feline nature. We might have a dog on our paws, perhaps another feline, or there might be only one portion of mouse or bird, and first come first served.”

“But Tabby you are now at home and there are no other felines here. You only get healthy vitamin pellets of perhaps a portion of tuna fish at home, so why rush. No-one is going to take it away from you.”

“Mrs. Human this is developing into one of these conversations from a human point of view. You are applying the words of Dale Carnegie “When dealing with people you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion”.”

“Which would be translated in the higher level of feline logic?”

“Be quick, take it before the others do.”


  1. Not so much "the early bird catches the worm" as "the fast feline catches the early bird".

    1. Although Tabby is now an elderly lady and prefers just watching from the window.