Saturday, 12 December 2015

Daily Prompt: Flaw - All About Me

What is your worst quality

The last time we had this repeated prompt was 13.12.2012, so congratulations daily prompt, you have increased the distance between the same prompts by three years. Now and again I wonder when the first prompt arrived. Was it at the time when Bill Gates was visiting Kindergarten or had he already began to build his first computer with his friends in the garage?

I glanced at my last prompt under this title, as my long distance memory sometimes fails me, and noticed that I did not write about I, me and myself on my own, but asked the others, being a modest person. Now it is time for the truth.

To begin I must illustrate this prompt with a “selfie” of course, because Mr. Swiss is busy doing something else, like reading a book. These selfies are a problem in themselves. You must hold the mobile phone at a certain angle, and if you want to do something with your free hand you cannot, because it is no longer to press the button on the mobile. I decided to lean my mobile against an object on my desk to give me scope for a perfect post. Often these selfies would be ideal for a photo made by the police when capturing the criminal. All that is needed to complete the photo is a number on a plaque hanging around your neck.

Unfortunately there was a problem. I thought an action photo eating my cake would be perfect, but I could not hold the spoon in my hand and press the button on the mobile device. My other hand was steadying the camera which did not want to remain in a leaning position. Please note the white mass in front of me is not the Matterhorn, although I know I live in Switzerland, it is the cake. As you can see I do not look a day older than my last action photo for this prompt which was taken in the local supernarket.


This is one of my more serious poses, showing the sobriety of the situation.

And now to my flaws, my worst quality(s?). I thought about this for some time, gave it a lot of consideration, analysed my life style and came to the conclusion that I have none. Others may have a different opinion. If I forget something, it is a human quality and it rarely occurs. I remember just yesterday (short term memory) when I arrived home from a shopping safari. I had forgotten to buy the frozen french fries in the supermarket. No problem, with my gift of a multi tasking brain, I knew that somewhere in the fridge should be an almost full packet of frozen potato cubes and yes, I was right. Dinner was saved. Just one of the my gifts of versatility. Forgetting is human and nobody is perfect: being perfect is boring and I was never known for having a boring personality.

I am not shy, but always express myself with a loud and clear voice. There might be some amongst us that find it was be an improvement if my voice could adopt a softer, more soothing tone. There are certain things that arrive in the world with you when you are born. They used to say it is inherited, but today we can blame the genes. I remember my mum and my aunts. Their conversations could be heard in the next street and who am I to discontinue this gift of loud and clear speaking in the family.

My perfect qualities are actually so many, that it is difficult to record them all here in just one prompt. I would need many, but we do not want to encourage our faithful prompt makers to repeat their unique prompts. Suffice it to be said that if this prompt reoccurs I could tell everyone about The Anglo Swiss supporters club. Unfortunately it has only one member up to now, me, but there is always room for improvement.


  1. I can understand the serious expression in the photo, because eating cake is a serious business and the expression must match!!

    1. I just have to be careful not to cover the keyboard with crumbs and cream