Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Topic Generator: Ugly Market

Chicken in supermarket

“Mum look at that ugly chicken.”

“I am not ugly, I won the prize for the best chicken in the coup if you must know.”

“Who said that?”

“I did, the chicken you said was ugly.”

“Come on Priscilla, who are you talking to?”

“That ugly chicken perched next to the candles.”

“He is not a real chicken, just stuffed and stuffed chickens don’t talk.”

“Of course I can talk.”

“See mum, he is talking again.”

“I didn't hear anything. I have to buy some more things, so stay where you are and don’t move. I will pick you up afterwards.”

“Ok, chicken, mum has gone and she did not believe that you can talk. She even said you was a dead chicken.”

“If I was a dead chicken I couldn’t talk, now could I.”

“I suppose so. Did you lay all those eggs over there.”

“No, I did not, they are all part of the market. My sisters laid most of them.”

“Are they here as well?”

“No they are still on the farm.”

“So why are you here.”

“Because I laid the most eggs before the were chicken got me.”

“So you are dead.”

“No, I am not dead, just recycled.”

“But you look quite scruffy.”

“So would you after a fight with a werechicken.”

“What’s recycled?”

“Only special chickens are recycled. It is when the werechicken chooses you for an eternal life. That’s why there are so many candles. to preserve my spiritual existence and now I am a werechicken.”

“I have to go, my mum is coming. Will you be here tomorrow?”

“Of course, I am not going anywhere at the moment.”

“Mum, what’s a werechicken?”

“Don’t ask silly questions.”

“But that hen told me it was a werechicken and that it had a spiritual existence.”

“It means that he was probably stuffed to look good at the market.”

“But this is an ugly market, dead hens and lots of candles everywhere.”

“It will soon be halloween, probably a gimmick.”

That night all was quiet in the supermarket until midnight. The werechicken was hungry and visited the butchers department.  It was hungry for some freshly killed meat. Priscilla did not sleep well that night, she had dreams of a werechicken with teeth instead of a beak. Yes, it was an ugly market.