Saturday 3 October 2015

Topic Generator: Kind Spell

Close-up Station clock Solothurn

“Double, bubble hours and scubble
time to give the humans trouble”

“What are you going on about Digitala. We are not going to give any trouble. We are the white witches, the ones that give kindness.”

“So any good suggestion Wisteria. I am running out.”

“I have it, let’s give the humans an extra hour’s sleep.”

“Do what?”

“Yes, no problem.  It was Belladonna that stole an hour in Spring and I know for a fact that a few humans are still looking for that hour.”

“You don’t mean Mrs. Angloswiss by any chance?”

“Yes, definitely, she is complaining most of the time about this and that and I am sure it is because of the hour she is missing. She wants to stay in bed in the morning, she is worried, she stares at her mobile phone for hours waiting for it to jump backwards.”

“So I have to go to the trouble of casting a kind spell to give Mrs. Angloswiss her hour back.”

“Yes Wisteria, and then we have peace and quiet.”

“But only until next Spring when Belladonna wakes up and takes it again.”

“That’s the way the frog spawn drips Wisteria, but we will have a happy Mrs. Angloswiss throughout Winter who will no longer be searching for her stolen hour.”

“OK, if you say so, but I hope she does something useful with that hour.”

“That is another problem. I had a word with Vlad and Morticia Drac and they said they will assist to keep her happy.”

“You mean……..”

“Yes, think of what she can write in an extra hour of prompts. The topic generator will be working overtime.”

“OK, so be it. 
Clock of ages do your work
Hold your hands and do not lurk
Just stop moving and give it a miss
We will do it again for Angloswiss”

“Well done Wisteria, and now let’s have a sleep.”

“But we have a job to do.”

“Take your time with it, as from today we have an extra hour.”

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