Friday, 16 October 2015

The First Snow 2015

First snow 2015 Langendorf

Whilst we are still counting the Autumn yellow, red and brown leaves in my garden, up in the heights the weather has a different idea. This morning Mr. Swiss and I departed for our usual Friday safari in the local supermarket. The supermarket is about a 5-10 minute drive according to the road traffic. Today the roads were quite deserted, so we did it in 5 minutes. The supermarket village of Langendorf lays on the way to the Jura mountains, so it is a gentle uphill climb all the way with plenty of opportunity to take photos. It was then that I saw it, the first snow on the Jura slopes. It arrived yesterday in the evening and was still laying this morning which is fairly early this year. 

As a proof here is a photo of the lady who is in charge of the restaurant with her partner on our local Weissenstein mountain. I have known her for many years. She has a successful Swiss singing group with her 3 sisters and have often appeared on the Swiss TV and in other neighbouring countries in connection with Swiss popular folk music. Here she is throwing the first snow ball of the season as the terrace of the restaurant was covered in snow. Photo from today’s issue of the Solothurner Zeitung. Not one of my photos as I definitely did not venture into the heights to take a photo. 

Dorli with snowball Weissenstein

It has happened before so no really big deal, although I decided it was time to perhaps re-organise my clothing.I have two cupboards for my clothes. One in the bedroom and one large wardrobe in out hobby room in the basement. My bedroom space was full of 3/4 trousers t-shirts and sandals. The wardrobe in the basement had my winter clothing, long or three quarter sleeved blouses, long warmer trousers and of course my super snow and water resistant snowboots for fighting against ice, blizzards and all other objects that could/definitely would cause me to have an accident.

So I spent a happy hour walking up and down stairs and transferring my clothes and shoes to a suitable place. Now I am ready for it all. Winter you can come, the boots are in their place and the socks are ready. It was until last week that I was still going barefoot into my shoes. I hate socks, nylons and anything like that. At home I never wear them.


  1. Brrrr!! I am hoping that for another year the snow misses this area completely, as it has for the past three or four years.

    1. No chance here. I don't mind the snow, it is the ice I dislike.

  2. When it snows here most everything shuts down. Ok for a day or two, but more than that is a bother.