Saturday, 24 October 2015

The Best Night of the Year


I have been waiting for this since 29th March. Since that date something has been missing, my life was lacking a necessary article. Yes, 60 minutes of my precious blogging time had been stolen. On 29th March it all happened. I went to bed as usual and awoke as usual only to find that it was actually an hour later than I thought it was. 

My computer told me this with its time announcement, my iPhone said the same thing, as well as my iPad. Since this memorable day in March I have been searching everywhere. I emptied the kitchen cupboards, examined the rubbish sucked up by my vacuum cleaner hoping to find something that resembled an hour, sixty minutes, but to no avail until today

Tonight is the night of nights. Tonight I can go to bed at my normal time and sleep an hour longer. On the other hand I could go to bed an hour later, without having a bad conscience, because when I awake in the morning it should be the same time as I always awake, although if I go to bed an hour later I do not profit from this newly found hour. 

I have a dilemma, what shall I do with these extra 60 minutes. I could write a blog, but no, I am now writing a blog about it all, so that would be a waste of time and I do not want to waste my extra 60 minutes. I could read of course, an even finish my book. I asked my feline Tabby.

“Tabby what shall we do with our extra hour?”

“Do not interrupt with such silly questions, sleep of course. I do not need a human clock for my daily habits, I will sleep and instead of spending my 23rd hour looking for a sleeping place, I will spend my 24th hour searching for a comfortable place to sleep. And now leave me, you disturbed my sleep.”

It seems that felines have a solution for all the problems in life. I suppose I could take a walk for an hour before the actual extra hour arrives. The fresh air would help me to sleep better. If I have to sleep for an hour longer, it might be that I awake, because my biological rhythm will be disturbed with all that extra time. My body might refuse to sleep for an extra hour and I will lay awake tossing and turning. 

Why do we have to go through this disturbance in our way of life. The farmers will have to milk their cows an hour earlier, although it is not an hour earlier, it is an hour that we have saved from last Spring. 

“Bluebell, you will have to hold your milk for an hour longer today.”

“Moo, forget it, when the udder is ready then it is ready. You will have to get out of bed an hour earlier.”

Cows have a simple logic.

There is another problem. When I awake tomorrow morning how do I know what the time is? Has Mr. Swiss already altered the clocks, did he get up at midnight to change the clocks? I will spend my extra hour trying to find out what the time is and I cannot disturb Mr. Swiss as he might be sleeping for an extra hour. 

I have the solution, I will have my iPhone next to my bed and that will tell me the correct time, but does my iPhone know that it has an hour more? It might forget that it has to stop counting for an hour during the night. 

On the other hand, let’s forget all about it. I can always have an extra hours sleep at lunchtime to compensate - yes that is the solution, but will the daily prompt arrive an hour earlier? 

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  1. All my, tablet and phone all changed the time automatically. That only leaves my watch and the clock in the car to re-set myself. Modern technology takes the strain out of remembering!!