Thursday, 15 October 2015

Daily Prompt: A True Feline Saint

In 300 years, if you were to be named the patron saint of X, what would you like X to be? Places, activities, objects — all are fair game.

The Kartause

“Mrs. Human, I have to go, he is waiting for me.”

“Waiting for you - do you have a boyfriend?”

“Mrs. Human remember that fateful day many years ago? No I do not have a boyfriend and he does not have a girlfriend, we both had the same appointment at the vets. It is the local Kartause, Butch, we are learning How to place a curse on felines invading your territory.*

“I thought the idea of this feline prompt was that you would become saintly, something special, helping the others.”

“A matter of interpretation. Butch and I decided that that was for the dog, not for such special deities like us cats. After all we were once worshipped …..”

“….. as Gods?”

“Oh, you know it already?”

“You have mentioned it a few hundred times.”

“Today we have lesson No. 1 “The right way to sharpen your claws and teeth”.

“Sounds interesting,”

“Of course, we have even downloaded a book on our pawpads “Sharpening claws for dummies”. Can you lend me your nail file and your sonic toothbrush?”

“I thought a piece of wood would do the trick for the claws and since when does a feline need a toothbrush.”

“True, the table leg in the living room would be just as good. “Butch come in, Mrs. Human said we can use the table leg for sharpening claws.”

“Fine Tabby, you can take the leg not the right and I will take the leg on the left. Oh, hello Mrs. Human, don’t you have some shopping to do for a few tins of tuna fish????”

“No Butch, I do not.”

“It is just that Tabby and I have to concentrate and we like to do our practice without outside intervention.”

“Butch, Tabby, I have another solution. Why don’t you take a walk to the old oak tree at the end of the garden. I am sure that would be just as good for sharpening claws as my expensive teak table legs.”

“If you insist Mrs. Human, but are you sure we would get a nice sharp finish on the claws. Teak if much more resistant.  And what about our teeth?”

“Just have a chew on a something tough.”

“Can we borrow your handbag, the one made of calf leather?”

“Go, both of you, disappear and practice having a feline fight for territorial rights.”

“But we might get hurt.”



  1. I've not seen or heard of Butch before. Is he new in the neighbourhood?

    1. Butch has been around for a long time. He is actually the terror of the neighbourhood, a real loner. I think one of those Russian short hairs, we call them a Kartauser. It is not often you have the chance to take a photo, but as I was sitting at my desk he appeared in the front garden so I shot a photo.