Monday, 10 August 2015

The Ferrari


Mr. Swiss and I decided to go for a walk. I was dressed for the hike with my camera hanging around my neck ready for some good photos of the natural surroundings and then ….. Yes, the first thing we saw on our local outside parking space was this.

Now I am sure you know what it is. Yes, it is a Ferrari. Now do not ask me for model names or engine strengths, all I know it is a Ferrari because it had that nice little sign of the standing black horse with the yellow background and the car was red. Of course I am sure that Ferraris can be other colours, but red is the colour of a Ferrari to leave a forever imprint on your mind.

Basically cars are made from getting from A to B, that is their purpose. Of course you can travel from A to B in sensible comfort, or you can do it in luxury. Someone where I live, I do not know who, either had this car (which I do not think) or received a visitor with this car which is more probable. In any case my camera was overjoyed to spend a few minutes with me (and Mr. Swiss and his mobile) taking the photos. To oblige the engine room was beneath a transparent cover, so of course Mr. Angloswiss got closer to absorb all the details.


Unfortunately the sun was reflecting on the nice clean shiny well polished cover, but I managed to tone it down a little in a photo programme and now you can see the intestines of this piece of motor art. Note the round shiny bits and the long bits. Ok men (or naturally some ladies) you can now study what is what, if you know what is what. I do not, I just enjoyed taking the photos. Mr. Swiss and I almost forgot that we wanted to walk further and just as Mr. Swiss walked on, I told him to wait, after all it is not every day that I can let my camera have such fun. So let’s have a look at the front of the car where you can see the nice little horse. Our car never seems to shine like this one, but then we do not have a Ferrari.



  1. It's a lovely car, and of course a great photo-subject, but for me Ferraris have never sparked a big interest. If I had the kind of income or lottery win that would allow me ownership of a high performance car, I think I would be more likely to choose the Audi R8.

    1. But they are ideal taking photos. We drove Volvo because Mr. Swiss worked there, but now we are two golden oldies and have discovered our perfect car. We now have Skoda Fabbia automtic and find it the best car we have ever had. Even I can drive it.