Monday, 10 August 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: Three Whiskers in a Water Bowl

Have you ever tossed a whisker or two into a water bowl and made a wish? Did it come true?


“Tabby you mean that if I lose a whisker in our water bowl, I can make a wish and it will be granted.”

“Of course Fluffy, the problem being that we felines very rarely lose a whisker in a bowl of water and Fluffy, not wanting to be insulting, but you have no whiskers.”

“Of course I have whiskers Tabby, it is just that they fall out when they appear. It seems that my special Selkirk Rex family have very fragile whiskers, although we are known for having curly whiskers. Our whiskers are very rare.”

“I suppose you could describe them in that fashion, but to me they resemble corkscrews when you have them, although just a minute Fluffy.”


“I can see you have two whiskers on the lefthand side. Perhaps you should make your wish quickly  before they disappear or break.”

“OK, I wish that I had lots of whiskers like Tabby so that I could make lots of wishes.”

“Sorry Fluffy, it won’t work. I have never lost a whisker and my wishes have never been granted.”

“What did you wish Tabby?”

“The same as you Fluffy.”

“You mean????”

“Yes, a paw friendly tin opener.”


  1. There must be some genius in Caticone Valley who can come up with that paw-friendly tin-opener!!

    1. I think they are still working on it, it's the tins that arn't so paw friendly unfortunately.