Friday, 21 August 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: Red Pill, Blue Pill

If the felines could get all the nutrition they needed in a day with a pill — no worrying about what to eat, no food preparation — would they accept it?

Tabby and Fluffy

“You said something Mrs. Human?”

“I think she was having human hallucinations Fluffy. I heard something about our glorious food - even if is is only vitamin enriched pellets - being substituted with a red pill and a blue pill.”

“Tabby she is definitely meowing up the wrong cat tree. Of course if they are big pills with the red flavour being tuna and the blue being catnip, why not.”

“Forget it it Fluffy. I think we should have a serious talk to Mrs. Human about these daily prompt ideas she has from time to time. MRS. HUMAN.”

“Yes Tabby”

“Forget it. Fluffy and I have decided that a pill, no matter how colourful and work saving, would not be accepted by us or any other self-respecting feline as a substitute for a nice juicy dish of tuna swimming in its own juice and a portion of cat nip as a relaxing desert.”

“But it would have the same taste Tabby.”

“Tabby is right Mrs. Human. Would you eat two pills for your food instead of standing in the kitchen for an hour cooking. Ok, don't answer that one Mrs. Human, it is quite obvious you probably would.”

“It is an interesting proposition felines. I might even have more time to look after your needs.”

“In that case, we will think about it. What did you say Tabby?”

“Why not. Instead of opening a plastic bag with vitamin pellets, or opening a tin of fish, she could perhaps cook chicken with a sprinkling of tarragon and turmeric with a side plate of boullabaisse.”

“Oh yes Tabby, with an extra portion of garlic and a garnishing of herbs de provence for me.”

“Did you here Mrs. Human, Fluffy and I would say that two pills a day for you is fine. With the saved time you can invest more of your cooking talents into our food.”

“Err, felines, you know on second thoughts, I think I will go and open a tin of tuna fish for your evening meal.”


  1. Damned sneaky, these felines!!

  2. No time for an answer, have to prepare a chicken curry garnished with freshly grated ginger for the felines