Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: Only Sixteen

Tell us all about the feline you were when you were sixteen. If you haven’t yet hit sixteen, tell us about the feline you want to be at sixteen.

Tabby descending

“Am I already 16 Tabby?”

“According from which side you look at it Fluffy. If you look at it from the human side, you are not yet 16. From the feline side of things you are way ahead of 16, but we do not count the years, just the lost lives.”

“I see, but we had that one already this week.”

“I know, things often repeat themselves in the human world.”

“So what do I want to be when I am 16 or whatever?”

“That’s your choice Fluffy. I would say be alive, enjoy every bowl of tuna fish you get, even count the vitamin filled pellets and be happy that there is always water to drink. A small supply of cat nip is also useful. It gives you a good feeling inside the whiskers.”

“I just take one whisker and purr at a time and count my lost lives.”

“Don’t we all Fluffy. The main thing is to enjoy life to the full, to savour every bird and mouse that you will devour and mark the territory regularly. What could possibly go wrong. And don’t forget Fluffy, we felines do not grow old. We mature like a bowl of water that is collected after a rainstorm.”

“You mean when it goes green and slimy Tabby.”

“No I do not. Do you have to interrupt my psychological thoughts with your logic.”

“Sorry Tabby, but that’s what happens when you don’t drink the water.”

“I was thinking more on the lines of the wisdom of the feline whisker. Fluffy, Fluffy…. he has fallen asleep, that is the problem with those youngsters, they do not listen to the wise words of us older felines. They think they know it better. As Oscar Wildcat said “the felines with dwindling lives believe everything, the felines that still have half their lives suspect everything, and the young felines that still have all their lives think they know everything”.”

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