Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: Nothing but a good meow time

Imagine that tomorrow, all of your duties and obligations evaporate for the day. You get the day all to yourself, to do anything you please. What types of fun activities would make your day?

Fluffy under the table

“Forget it Mrs. Human and do not believe everything you read in these daily prompts. There is no day off. Our recycling processes do not take a day off and neither does our need for food.”

“Quite right Fluffy, what does she think. Human are here to obey, after all think of our godly days in the old country.”

“But felines, I thought I might go to a new place that has opened nearby, it is called “Feline Wishes” and caters only for felines.”

“Oh, well in that case. What do you think Tabby.”

“It is a possibility of course. Will you be away all day?”

“I thought I would go in the afternoon and according what I buy for you both, I will return as soon as my shopping trip is finished.”

“Just a moment Mrs. Human, Tabby is checking on her pawpaw to see what they have to offer and pawing a list of necessities.

10 tins of five star quality tuna fish
10 boxes of special Beluga caviar, according to feline taste buds.
2 recycling trays with deodorant favour: mouse delight
And 1 diamond studied cat flap with remote control.”

“Just a minute felines, that is an expensive choice.”

“Only the best for us Mrs. Human - or???”

“They do have an alternative cat flap with artificial diamonds.”

“No, I do not think so. We would be the laugh of the territoriy. I can hear Roschti already - “not even a decent cat flap, just imitation”.  On the other paw they do have an alternative in gold.”

“No Tabby, it will not make such an impression.”

“OK, Mrs. Human, sorry, but it will have to be diamonds.”

“You know what felines, I think I will stay at home tomorrow and look after your needs. That is much more important. Let us wait until catmas and see what Father Catmas brings you.”

“What do you think Tabby?”

“Sounds like a weak excuse to me. On the other hand we can wait. Tomorrow is the week-end.”

“Of course, tuna fish at the week-ends.”


  1. They've got it all sussed, these felines :-))

  2. I am becoming less enamored of the internet lately. It has become harder if not impossible to see the fakes coming from all directions. I like to keep my mind occupied so there is less chance of getting Alzheimer's

    Those two little beasties have you wrapped around their little paws.. lol

    1. I avoid facebook update status commentaries. Now and again there is something sensible, but I have no interest in telling the world all about me. I have my own community where I cross post my blogs and now and again might make a commentary. It is the target of every ex-god feline to wrap humans around their paws and whiskers I am sure.