Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: No Meow Thanks

If you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? Why?


“Yes definitely Fluffy, I agree, Vet”

“Do we have to say more?”

“Not really Fluffy, but are we including the ladies in white that carry out the crimes that the vet organises.”

“I am sure Tabby. They follow every instruction to the last jab, ask no questions and if the vet says “Do it again” they do it again. On my last visit I had at least three jabs and then the vet ordered to measure my temperature. I was feeling fine, no problem, so why repair something that is not broken.”

“I know Fluffy, have been there and had it done. A jab here, a jab there, and as if that is not enough, a walk through my fur with the comb.”

“And do you know why Tabby. They are adding insult to injury and are looking for fleas. As if we had fleas. I don’t even know what they look like.”

“Of course you don’t Fluffy, they are small and hop very fast. If you had fleas I would have them as well, and who knows, perhaps even Mrs. Human.”

“You mean we can catch fleas from humans?”

“I don’t think so. Fleas are an exclusive lodger of the fur, but we have no fleas.”

“Nera didn't have fleas either, but she had a tic now and again. Mrs. Human would get annoyed when she trod on one that had just had its dinner on Nera. She would complain about the stains on the nice white stone tiles. Said something about it looking like a vampire’s dinner. What’s a vampire Tabby?”

“Something human I think, or perhaps not so human. Like a werecat.”

“I have never seen a werecat Tabby.”

“You don’t want to, and in any case it is just something in the stories we tell the kittens to make sure they grow up brave.”

“Yes, I remember my mum telling me that story. Drink your milk and scratch behind your ear, otherwise the whereat will come and get you. Is that the story you mean?”

“Something like that, although my mum always told me the story about being a good kitten, otherwise the vet would give me a jab in my private parts.”

“So we are back to the theme of today’s feline prompt. Let us strike the word “vet” from the meow vocabulary.”



  1. If only we could. unfortunately our kitties are not bullet proof so the vet is a must have. Should try telling/moaning to them about the price the human pays for their indignities. lol

    1. They don't handle with money unfortunately, only with scratches and bites when they visit the vet.