Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: History of Lives

Write a piece of meow describing the incident that gave rise to the phrase, “Nine lives are the solution”


“At last success.”

“Tabby, you look very pleased with yourself, but you were away for some time. Mrs. Human was getting worried and wanted to search for you.”

“Typical human. I do not get worried when she goes on one of her hunting expeditions in the supermarket. I know she will return. She has no trust in a feline, always worries that something might happen. We are old enough to look after ourselves and have nine lives.”

“But Mrs. Human is convinced that you no longer have all nine lives, especially when you had to visit the vet last year.”

“That was nothing tabby, just a small throat infection and I still had eight lives when I returned, so why worry. If you must know I was on a mouse hunting trip in the field.”

“And did you find one?”

“I found many Fluffy, but unfortunately they found me first and so there are no trophies.”

“You mean we will have to swallow those vitamin dried pellets again this evening: no fresh meat.”

“Exactly, the mice are getting sly. I was just ready to pounce on one and another mouse appeared next to it, fatter and bigger, so I changed my direction, thinking why take inferior goods when you can have something better. Just as I was going to pounce on this bigger mouse, another mouse appeared.”

“Even bigger than the other two Tabby.”

“Yes and then a bird landed on the ground, within paw distance.”

“So you pounced on the bird.”

“Well I was going to, but then a dog appeared.”

“And, you chased the dog.”

“Not quite Fluffy, the dog chased me. I can be lucky that I escaped with my life and my tail is not hanging on the door to the kennel.”

“But you still have eight lives?”

“Not quite, but almost. Let’s change the subject, I can hear the sound of a tin opener in the distance.”

“Thank goodness, they let’s forget about the vitamin filled pellets. I love junk food.”

“So do I Fluffy, especially if it comes from a tin, swims in juice and smells like fish.”

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