Thursday, 6 August 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: From Paw to Paw

Write a letter to you as a kitten

Tabby & Nera as kittens

“Make sure that there is a tap free on the milk construction for you. Otherwise give the kitten next to you a kick with the back paw and take over.”

“Err Tabby, that is not very nice. think of the poor kitten that no longer has his milk supply.”

“Not my problem Fluffy. It’s a mum problem, she decided to have fun with some tom cat that we never met, and now she had to carry the consequences, all four of us. I can tell you it was not an easy job to get fed, it was first come, first served, and Nera seemed to have a permanent hunger and thirst.”

“Yes, she was much larger than you were. Our dad always kept a watchful eye on us, although he was a tom cat of few words. The problem was he had two wives, and he sometimes forgot that there were kittens to look after. Sometimes there were so many of us around the food bowl, when we got bigger, we had to fight for a place up front. Our human said we were a precious breed, and made sure that there was enough to go around.”

“It seems to me you were a little spoilt Fluffy. We were four and it was every kitten for himself. We had to fight for the milk tap and later fight for a place at the food bowl. We even had to share our recycling tray which was very unpleasant.”

“We share now Tabby.”

“Yes, but we make sure that our recycling times do not clash. There is nothing more distasteful than having to follow your instincts with someone else.”

“I am always careful in choosing my times in the recycling tray Tabby. I like my scent to be pure and clear. My mum always found us by smelling.”

“So did mine Fluffy. Must be a feline instinct thing. I  always find you by the smell.”

“Me you too Tabby.”

“You know what Fluffy, this blog is getting a little too sentimental, so let’s have a sleep.”

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