Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Style Icon

Describe your personal style, however you’d like to interpret that — your clothing style, your communication style, your hair style, your eating style, anything.

Fluffy my Selkirk Rex

“I think I have a perfect style, handed down by generations of Selkirk Rex, fluffy and curly.”

“It is a matter of opinion Fluffy, although I suppose that dreadlocks on the forehead are quite modern.”

“You mean my short curly bits. Many felines would be glad to have curly forelocks Tabby. They are very modern.”

“Yes, they probably would be if they were Selkirk Rex, but I prefer my style. Short, neat and no suspicious shapes in the fur.”

“I don’t have suspicious shapes in my fur Tabby.”

“Not wanting to be personal, but your back legs tend to remind me of chicken legs from time to time.”

“That is a natural aspect of my breed. In Summer we tend to shed our fur as we have a built-in air-conditioning system.”

“So do I Fluffy, but my system tells me to find a nice cool shelter beneath the trees and relax. I do not leave traces of white hairs all over the furniture.”

“One thing we share Tabby, our food tastes.”

“True, but I like my tuna fish with more juice than actual meat.”

“I noticed Tabby, but that is where we compensate each other. Your drink the juice and I eat the meat. And we both prefer real meat and not that pellet stuff that arrives in the big plastic bags.”

“I have also notice Fluffy, that you have a different style when using our recycling tray. Mrs. Human often complains that she spends more time to remove your traces because you tend to spray, whereas I leave neat little hills.”

“Err Tabby, now you are getting personal, I think we will leave this part of the discussion.”

“OK, let’s just talk about what we have in common, although I don’t think we have anything in common. Oh, just a minute, we both meow, although I have the more delicate meow.”

“But I have a good meow with volume.”

“Fluffy, let’s talk about something else, I think we agree to disagree most of the time. We both like to sleep.”

“Yes Tabby, I agree.”


  1. Good morning Pat. I must admit having black fur everywhere is one thing I do not miss. The moggy kitten I have now likes to keep hers, thank goodness. I think she is going to be one of those cats that will pinch your dinner if it smells good. She sure is a trier anyway. lol

    It is good to see your babies are well as I hope you and Mr Swiss are too.

  2. This evening, as part of my ongoing healthy eating plan following my operation, I baked myself two tuna steaks in the oven. It tastes so much better fresh than out of a tin!!