Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Daily Prompt: Clean slate - Out in the Garden

Explore the room you’re in as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Pretend you know nothing. What do you see? Who is the person who lives there?

Rocket Liguria

I am sitting outside on the porch and thank goodness our weather has now cooled down and a fresh breeze is blowing. I see my garden for the first time every day, there is always something new that happens. Yesterday we had to tie everything down as the fresh breeze was developing into a storm wind, but as usual the Swiss weather forecasters were wrong in their prognosis.

They told us we would have heavy storms and plenty of rain. Today an embarrassed meteorologist explained to the radio listeners why it didn’t happened. Actually according to him it did happen, but the two villages he mentioned I was not even sure if they were in Switzerland, and we had no flooding or bolts of lightening. In the famous words of Mr. Swiss the meteorologist are all “gluhbièr” which is a non translatable word in Swiss German and I could not even find it in the Internet Swiss German vocabulary. The nearest I can get is an “electric light bulb”, although I am not too sure. Anyhow Mr. Swiss has something against the Swiss weather frogs, and as I once mentioned he is perhaps a frustrated meteorologist, because they never listened to his forecasts. He already knew in advance that it would not storm or rain and that the weather would continue with a sun beating down and a lawn having more brown edges.

However, let us be thankful for small mercies. Tomorrow I am going on a 6-7 hour train journey and will be pleased when the weather remains on the cooler side. 

I have no “persons” living in my garden, just a few insects like spiders, beetles and worms/caterpillars and they lead their own underground lives. There are a few June beetles still flying around. They probably did not read their calendars that in July the June beetles should now be dead and their offspring, known as weevils, should be munching on the roots in the ground to develop into fully grown beetles in a couple of years. I feel sorry for them actually. They spend so much time developing into an adult, they fly, the males searching for a female and after the orgy the females lay their eggs and they all go to the June beetle happy hunting grounds. What a way to go. My neighbours often stand in the garden when they begin to fly, with tennis rackets, and kill them before they have a chance to discover the meaning of life.

Today it is a short blog as I will now be busy packing my case and I hope that I do not forget anything. This morning I got some Euro currency from the money machine, yes we have everything in Switzerland. At times like this I am glad I am not Greek, because their money machines are all empty.

And now I come to a close - hope to be back next week on Tuesday


  1. have a good trip and better they predict rain that doesn't come than the other way round :)

  2. Around here the weather folks say things like "there is a possibility of thunderstorms". That certainly clears them of being wrong. My favorite is "it will be sunny with clouds, hot and humid". Really? This is the deep south, you know.