Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Daily Feline Prompt: the Kindness of felines

When was the last time a stranger did something particularly kind, generous, or selfless for you? Tell us what happened!


“It’s Fido Dog reporting from the feline household of Tabby and Fluffy for our TV programme “How the others live”.

Tell me Tabby, are you satisfied with your feline life and your human owners.?”

“First of all, what are you paying for this interview?”

“We thought it would be a free contribution to further more understanding between canines an felines.”

“Dog just one thing, the word “understanding” does not exist in meow and we felines do not do anything for nothing, there is a price to pay for everything. Two branches of catnip will be enough. After making that clear, another point would be that we felines do not have human owners. We have human slaves and due to the intensive training programme they undergo from their feline superiors their duties are completed in a satisfactory condition. Just a moment “human empty my feline recycling tray and renew the contents” - 

“Of course Tabby, immediately at your service.”

“Well, it seems that the feline Tabby has his humans well under control. And what about you Fluffy? Are you satisfied with your feline life.?”

“First of all hold that microphone a little to the side, you are blocking my view of the birds in the tree. Otherwise life is so oh la la. Perhaps a little less vitamin filled dry pellet food and more fish in its own liquid would be better, but I survive.”

“It seems that our two feline guests could be more satisfied. Tabby and Fluffy, why are you both hissing and showing your claws? Our TV company really wants to bring your needs to the attention of the general public.”

“First of all, Fido dog, we are felines, from the Bastet corn Chamber central and are definitely not interested in the general public. We have only one interest in our feline lives and you can make that quite clear to the general public - I, me and myself. What self respecting feline would send a TV programme about canines. Never, it would be beneath our dignity. I suggest you interview our human slave, she will probably be only to glad to tell you how her world revolves around the felines that own her and now go, we have more important things to do that an interview with a canine.”

“Hello dogs everywhere and now you know how life is with the others. Perhaps a little different to the life of a canine, but felines are something completely different. So please remember the next time you meet a feline, just avoid them.”

“What did he say Tabby.”

“No problem Fluffy, we just showed them who is the boss. Now it is time for a sleep.”


  1. Looks like he was getting a 'ruff' deal from the felines!! :-))

    1. Of course he was, felines do not obey, they just take a message and might come back on it or not according to how they feel.