Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Daily Feline Post: In the Feline summertime

If it’s autumn or winter where you live, what are you most looking forward to doing next summer? If it’s spring or summer where you are, what has been the highlight of the season so far for you?


“Fluffy what are you fiddling around with in your fur`”

“Tabby, I am looking for the zip to my fur coat.2

“Felines do not have zips to their fur coats, we keep them on all the time. I know some felines, like those of the Selkirk rex sort, seem to lose their fur now and again on the legs, reminding of a chicken ready for a roasting session, but at the moment you seem to have all the fur in the right place.”

“”Tabby I would be happy to be a plucked chicken at the moment. It is too hot outside, I want to take my fur coat off.”

“Fluffy, we keep our fur coats all through the year.”

“Of course Tabby, that is typical. You just have short fur, a quick scratch and rub and a sleep in the shade does it for you. Imagine how it is with my luxury fur coat, it is a built in heating system.”

“You sound like my departed sister Nera, she was always complaining in Summer because of the heat. Since she progressed to the eternal corn chambers on her 10th life, it seems that things have cooled down.”

“Of course Tabby, she is now sheltered from the heat of the sun.”

“Go inside Fluffy and find a cool place to sleep. Just a minute what do you think you are doing with Mrs. Human’s refrigerator, shut the door.”

“You said to find a cool place and that is ideal, between the Cola bottles and the milk.”

“I do not think that is the idea Fluffy, that would be overdoing it.”

“But it is ideal, or just a moment, I think it would be nice and cool in the bathroom with all those tiles, but the ideal solution would be to have a zip.”

“Fluffy, there is no zip so like it or lump it.”

“Typical Tabby, only thinks of herself, but I suppose that is what we felines are made of.”

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