Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Daily Felne Prompt: Fool me Once

It’s April 1st! Pull a fast one — publish a post that gently pranks your readers.


“Tabby, stop fooling around.”

“I am not fooling around. I am very serious. I am slowly arranging a comfortable position where I can concentrate on my Zen feline thoughts. It is a matter of a life style of rewards.”

“I thought the only rewards were something to eat, like tuna fish, birds, mice and a nice juicy butterfly.”

“Fluffy there are other things in life than food. What I am doing is food for the mind. I am feeding my brain cells, encouraging them to develop and that needs concentration.”

“Oh, I get it, that’s the daily prompt today. You are fooling us all.”

“I am not fooling anyone, this is serious. The humans are fooling us with the prompt that never was, but I will not be lead into such foolhardy paths. Fluffy, it would be good for you as well.”

“What would be good for me?”

“A little feline meditation. Just relax, no not like that, you have to expand all four paws, trying retracting them and releasing them again.”

“Like this you mean Tabby. Oh, I just noticed something.”

“Do not interrupt the thought stream. What is wrong? Where are you going?”

“My third claw on my front right leg needs shortening. Will be back.”

“So and now.”

“I sharpened it on the table leg and now it is perfect. What do I do now.”

“Fluffy, concentrate. This is not the game where we paw the ball around. We are serious. Breathe deeply, concentrate on something important and let your thoughts go with it. No Fluffy, you must not move.”

“But I am concentrating on that fly over their and going with it.”

“Not in the body Fluffy, in the mind. And now we will chant. Meowwwww, Meowwwww, Meowwww.”

“I can do that Tabby, how do I sound?”

“Not too bad, but you should lower your meow into the purr regions, and now follow me. Purrrr, purrr, purrr, meowwwwwww. and sway your body to the rhythm.”

“If I meow and purr I cannot sway.”

“It needs practice Fluffy, but you are getting there. And now open your eyes with regular breathing movements and look around you.”

“Fluffy, stay here, we have only done stage 1. Stage 2 is when your spirit leaves your body for higher places.”

“No interest Tabby, a bird just flew past my nose.”

“How do you know, I thought you was blind.”

“Tabby the mind sees with many eyes, some call them nose and others ears.”

“You know, I think Fluffy has learnt something today. Must sleep it over for a few hours. Meowwww, purrrr, meoww…….”

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