Friday, 6 March 2015

WordPress Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Time Capsule

What would you put in this year’s time capsule to channel the essence of our current moment for future feline generations?


“What do you think Tabby?”

“Yes, definitely, put him on the list.”

“Felines what sort of list and why does Roschti, the nice little feline from next door, have to go on the list?”

“Mrs. Human Bastet is making a list for this year’s time capsule to be sent into another feline dimension so that future feline generations can avoid the mistakes we made.”

“But surely Roschti is not a mistake Tabby.”

“The mistake is that we allowed him to live next door and that he ventures into our territory now and again and sprays.”

“Yes Mrs. Human, this morning Tabby had to break through the cat flap at the speed of whiskers to escape from him. He will be put in the time capsule. And now let us get on with it Mrs. Human, this is a feline thing.”

“Has she gone Fluffy`”

“Yes Tabby”

“Good, then let us continue. Cat nip is the next item to let the future felines know that we had a good time in 2015. Put a few cans of tuna fish in with a can opener.”

“But we felines cannot open tins with can openers.”

“Who knows Fluffy, in the next five hundred years, when the time capsule arrives, there might be scientific developments to design the paw friendly tin opener. I heard that in Feline Valley Dr. Katzenstein is on the borders of a breakthrough and in a few years we will be able to order the prototype online, but don’t tell Mrs. Human.”

“Why not tabby?”

“Don’t be silly, she will feel neglected and unwanted if she knew that developments were being made for a paw friendly tin opener. We will always need her to clean our feline recycling tray.””

“Oh, how far sighted you are Tabby.”

“Of course I am and so are you. It is known that felines are short sighted and sometimes even non-sighted Fluffy.”

“I know, but no problem, I have a nose and that is very far and close sighted. Is there any room left in the time capsule?”

“Put in the book of Bastet, Fluffy although it is not complete, but still being written. I think it is now up to Chapter 1860.”

“1861 Tabby, there was an addition yesterday.”

“Oh I missed that one, what did it say.”

“Continue with the feline daily prompts, the humans can always learn something from them.”

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  1. Perhaps putting Roschti in the time-capsule is the feline equivalent of the Schrodinger experiment. LOL.