Friday, 20 March 2015

Fly on the Wall

If you could be a “fly on the wall” anywhere and at any time in history, where and when would you choose?

Attisholz Bridge River Aar

What about being the fly on the wall when the Daily Prompt people decided to do it all again two years later? Ok, forget it, no big deal. Of course if you was a fly sitting on the beginning of this bridge you would feel overcome by the distance it would take to fly the length. On the other hand, no problem for a fly especially if there is the promise of food on the way. Flies seem to be able to absorb anything at any time, no problem and there are always a few cemeteries nearby.

Today is a day of rest it seems. Mr. Swiss wants to go into the town of Solothurn to buy something (chocolate, flowers for me perhaps?) and I decided I will remain at home on the porch in the sun catching up on a few things that I neglected due to the marathon walks I have been doing lately with him. This bridge over the River Aar was one of our memorable walks (see Mr. Swiss on the left in the distance). We only went half way. If we had done the whole thing it would have meant walking back on the other side of the river, crossing another bridge and doubling the kilometres on our daily walk. Five kilometres is enough for now, and ten kilometres daily would probably have been a reason to phone the hospital to send an ambulance, so today I am at home.

Perhaps it is  better, as the signs of an impending catastrophe are imminent. Only a few days ago it was reported that a brightly lit object with a tinge of blue was crossing the skies in the East of Switzerland, although the Austrians beat us to it with a film on the TV news. What was this object? Was it a sign from another civilisation to inform us that our days on earth were numbered? Was it the first Swiss attempt to launch a rocket to the moon? It seems this was not the case, as even our train system sometimes has problems journeying to the next town on time. Eventually, after examinations it was discovered that it was a stray comet winging its way across the continental skies in an Easterly direction. There was no crash, bang or other such noise, so it probably missed earth to continue into outer space. The last comment from the Swiss intelligence comet investigation service was that the size of this comet, through which the Swiss Nation narrowly escaped death and destruction, was that of a human fist. Yes, a comet as large as a human fist!

There are strange signs at the moment. Today was an eclipse of the sun to be seen in Switzerland, Germany, England and who knows where else. We were warned not to watch as the moon crossed the sun’s globe, as it would have a negative effect on the eyes. On the other hand, the Austrians and Germans beat the Swiss to it yet again. they were given 100% eclipse and only left the Swiss with 60% eclipse. This morning as we drove to the supermarket there was a strange light in the sky, almost as it there would be thunder on its way, but we Swiss blamed it on the eclipse, that the Austrians and Germans stole from us. After thirty minutes the spook disappeared and the sun arrived to reassure us that it was still there. Tomorrow we fear that there will be heavy falls of frogs and fish falling as rain from the skies and this on the first day of Spring. We will blame it on the Austrians and Germans, but who knows? Perhaps Mr. Putin might be behind it all. The Americans are above suspicion, they have their own problems. Frog and fish rain is spared, they have snow.

To close today’s news blog from Switzerland here is one of the picturesque corners of my part of the world. The waste disposal plant in the nearby village of Zuchwil on the other side of the river: see the chimneys.  Once a week our rubbish is collected and brought to this place for a ceremonial burning session. Yes, Switzerland is not just mountains and “The sound of Music” (although that was Austria), we also have daily problems to solve. What they really burning in this place, we will never know. The gates are locked and entry is not for all, although it has been known that Mr. Swiss has taken some unwanted elements of furniture to this place, as they were too big to be collected. Your car is weighed as you enter, and weighed again as you leave. You tip the unwanted rubbish into the rubbish happy hunting grounds and are charged on a weight basis. Perhaps it is an unwanted husband/wife solution, who knows? Stay tuned for more news from Switzerland tomorrow when we may take another walk to the cemetery, or even the local castle.

Waste disposal Zuchwil

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  1. Here in South-West Wales we got 93% totality during the eclipse. The bosses at work were good enough to let us stop and observe it, if we wished (which most did!!).