Wednesday 11 February 2015

WordPress Daily Prompt: First Light

Remember when you wrote down the first thought you had this morning? Great. Now write a post about it.

Garden in Snow

No, I do not remember when I wrote down the first thought I had this morning, simply because I did not write it down. I was too busy wondering what the time was, which joints were aching and how to get to the toilet without falling and breaking a leg on the way. I should write a post about this? I do not think that anyone  in their right mind would be interested to know how I survived this morning ritual. 

It seems that this is something great to write about. A subject that all bloggers are waiting to hear about. Do you really want to know about this? No, of course not, you all have your own getting up problems in the morning. 

Sorry, but this is a short blog because I have been there and done it before, because it is a very boring subject and it nerves me to do the same thing again two years later as if my first thoughts in the morning are different in 2015 to 28th February 2013.

 I could tell you that the birdhouse had no food, due to a blackbird invasion yesterday. I could tell you all about my new tooth brush that I picked up under guarantee at the local supermarket this morning. Yes the other died after only a year in use. As it was a Philips Sonic toothbrush which cost about 170 Swiss Francs, you do not throw them away and buy a new one. You search for the guarantee and take it to the supermarket. They send the toothbrush to the Philips who then discover the toothbrush cannot be saved and dies a quick death in the happy hunting grounds of Philips Sonic toothbrushes, but not without being replaced. I am now the proud owner of a new Philips sonic toothbrush. Luckily I had a second sonic toothbrush in the meanwhile, thanks to Mr. Swiss who had a spare toothbrush for his water pic. It is the American cousin of the Philips toothbrush. My teeth are saved and I can smile again, reflecting the sunlight which makes them sparkle.

Of could this has nothing to do with my first thought this morning. I was still making a effort to stand and leave my bed before I thought of this important “save the teeth” excursion. I also thought about opening the curtains in the bedroom and taking a glance outside to see if we were submerged in snow, but this was not the case. The snow was still there but the sun was out.

You know what, I cannot be bothered. I write daily my words of wisdom for a prompt that is resuscitated from the graveyard of forgotten prompts. I feel stupid, being taken for a ride. Am I the only survivor of the original Daily Prompt veterans? Who really cares what my first thought in the morning is. If I was Dracula I would be glad to lay in my coffin somewhere in the depths of the cellar after a night out at the local blood bank. I would have no first thoughts, I would be sleeping my nightly blood quenching session off. 

Mr. Swiss is making his first cup of coffee when I am having my famous first thoughts of the day. His first question of the day when I arrive in the kitchen is “What was your first thought of the day, did you write it down”. I ignored these words wondering where he found this stupid question. Perhaps he has a photographic memory and remembers it from the years gone past when I wrote daily prompts with enthusiasm.Unfortunately these moments no longer exist. I almost fear to read what today’s prompt is. How can I win a Pulitzer or Nobel prize when I have to deal with the same things daily. My rise to fame in the Blogger world is being disturbed. This is not 50 Shades of Blog, but 50 Shades or repetition. I am amazed to see that I actually managed 762 words about this stupid prompt.

I am not sure if I will see you again tomorrow. This prompt was originally 28th February 2014, and we will have to wait two years until 29th February 2016 arrives. Tell us about your first leap year. Did you have fun, did you realise it only happens every four years, and what was the best 29th February you ever had.

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  1. My first thought most (weekday) mornings is the same......"No, that alarm must be going off too early!!"