Monday, 16 February 2015

WordPress Daily Prompt: Clone Wars

If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?

The Garden caterpillar

“Morning Mrs. Angloswiss”

“Who are you?”

“Me? I am you of course.”

“You do not look like me, are you sure. I have two legs and you are legless. To me you resemble something that crawled out of the ground. I am not green, at least not at the moment. Please explain. No, don’t tell me I know, you are today’s prompt.”

“Yes exactly, how clever you are, yes, I am your today’s clone.”

“You are my clone. Two years ago I could make my own clone at least tell everyone about it. Even my feline Nera lent a helping paw. Unfortunately she can no longer assist, she has moved on to the eternal corn chambers with Bastet. So how comes you are my clone today.”

“Well you see the Wordy team have progressed over the past two years. We made a grid, we redesigned everything else and now we are trying our hand at cloning our bloggers. We decided as we are cloning our prompts daily, we could clone the bloggers to go with them. Today all the prompts are being constructed by the blogger clones.”

“But you do not resemble me. Your  shape is more wormlike.”

“One of the brilliant ideas of our construction team. We can worm our way into the computers easier. Give us a grid and we griddle all over the place. Of course today we are just the prototypes, but who knows where we can go. So what is today’s chore?”

“Well you can start by making the bed.”

“Oh, sorry that will not work. Our arms have not yet been developed.”

“Then make my breakfast.”

“Hmm, do you eat flies or ants, can you absorb your food and break it down into the various proteins you need.”

“No, I chew it and swallow it.”

“I see, I must make that suggestion to headquarters “Clones need teeth”. Having put that behind us we can proceed. What comes next.”

“I should go to the local supermarket for the shopping. Can you drive?”

“Yes, of course.”

“At last something positive. Here are the car keys. You can use the navigator in the car to find the way.”

“Huh? Oh you mean driving a car. Unfortunately if I squirm my way onto the seat I still cannot reach the steering wheel. Of course I could sort of put myself in an upright worm position, but as my arms and legs have not yet been constructed, that would be a problem.”

“What can you do?”

“They told me at headquarters that the clone for Mrs. Angloswiss must be a good talker because she talks nonstop all day. That was the first requirement on my list. The second requirement was taking a midday golden oldie sleep. I am very good at that. I just squirm my way between the sheets and forget the world for a couple of hours.”

“Is that all?”

“Oh, no. I come from the gardening world as you noticed. I can ventilate the earth for you, I can fight away the slugs. I am quite good at absorbing insects and above all, one day I will become a beautiful butterfly and you can take photos of me. After a week or so, I will be replaced by a new prototype.”

“And what will your new prototype do?”

“He will be an improvement on me, something from the feline race I believe. Humans will probably become superfluous, no longer necessary. Felines will take over the world. The ultimate clone.”

“Tell me clone, if I accidentally tread on you what happens?”

“That is an unforeseen action. I will have to ask our creators. I think we might cease to exist.”

“I think so too”

“What are you doing, we were told to avoid shoe soles. Noooooooo!”

“So, I wonder what tomorrow’s prompt will be? You become the CEO of a blogging platform and you are responsible for their daily inspiration. Tell us all about it.”

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  1. I bet he was feeling a little flat after all that :-))