Tuesday 3 February 2015

The Blacklight Candelabra Weekly Challenge: The Character of Music

Second option: write a story featuring the character.  If you choose this option, you need not provide an explicit explanation of the character you extracted from the music.  You can if you like, though.

Once upon a time there was a Kroom Kroom.

It was a trubid day when the Kroom Kroom jabbel flinged its way across the boddles. He was clambing for a morsel of bangle and his kroobs were changled. Hop, hop, plongle, plongle, oh what a wonderplonk day. Tra la ba, tra la da he quangled with a link in a trundle voice. There was music in the air and krooms in the bungle trees. And then the Kroom Kroom visiged a krooma krooma. Oh joy and plonk, it was Spring and there was flug in the wongles.

“Krooma krooma fling with me over the crumbly waves.”

“Mangi kroom you have such galumphing changles” and she zwingled with her eye glags and plansched a klog.

“Oh, dongle glads, be mine krooma, we will hoppy poppy and clooch.”

The time galloped and platz was fromed. Forty kroomsigs and kroomasigs slangled through the gladys, life was cramped with so many glungs. 

“Krooma, we have too many kroomsigs and kroomasigs Our love has clomped our platz.”

“Kroom, I have the answer to the clomping. We will wongle to the romping glude. The vorperous jingle is grundled. He will blongle with the jumpy glog.”

“Of course krooma, you are so shlankle. Hop, hop and away to the jingle.”

“Kroom we will tanzle and flonkle and the jingle will be our choog.”

And so it came to pass that there was chample in the boddles and the kroom and krooma were sangled in their weg. Oh handular day and the Jabberwock was their rettung.

After the chongleflips the glongle bird chungled over the blonky tree and the clunky shuttle sang his song of Kroom Kroom at the clunk.

And so they all lived happily ever after.

Of course the Jabberwock clangled his looney with the frumerous klonglebog but that is another sound of music.

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