Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Blacklight Candelabra Challenge: Magnification

This week, you will use words to accomplish similar revelations through magnification.  Begin by describing an object or event using broad brushstrokes; then, choose an element to look at more closely.  That element should add insight to the original description.  Then, take a closer look at some aspect of that magnified image and inform your readers what the new details reveal.

From a car side window

Just taking a drive in the car, passing through the landscape of bare trees and keeping an eye on the surroundings. Is something happening, suspicious, perhaps illegal, who know? You can never be careful enough today. That parked car looks suspicious, not every day you see a Lamborghini parked outside a farmhouse. Perhaps they are farming something other than crops. You can never be too sure. I will get him, I am ready, there is no escape from my eagle eye. My chance to be the key witness in a major crime trial. They are always laundering money somewhere in this country, or perhaps its drugs. You think I am just an innocent passenger travelling in a car? No, I am on the lookout for something suspicious, I always have my third eye with me. I think they saw me, the bloke standing next to the Lamborghini, the one wearing the tie. People do not wear ties if they work on a farm, they wear blue jeans or an overall like the bloke standing next to him. Just a minute, there is something funny going on, he has a camera in his hand and is taking a photo of me. 

“Drive on faster.”

“But we are at a red light.”

“Put your foot on the gas and move, This is not a good place to be.”

Thank goodness the light changed and we are off. What did he see on his photo? He has one of those long lenses on the camera for a close up. did he see this?

 I hope not, he might recognise my ring, or even the camera. I am sure he is dangerous.

From a car side Window


“Hey Joe, what are you doing with that camera?”

“Just taking a few pictures. Nice scenery you have here Fred.  Nice to have a brother who owns such a great farm. I have to go now.”

“Nice car, you are even dressed for the occasion”

“One of the perks working for a taxi company specialising in special transport. The mayor’s daughter is getting married today and her daddy decided that she should arrive at the church in style in a Lamborghini.”

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