Thursday, 23 May 2013

WordPress Daily Prompt: Green-Eyed Monster

Tell us about the last time you were really, truly jealous of someone. Did you act on it? Did it hurt your relationship?

Photographers, show us something GREEN

Me Jealous? Do not even know the meaning of the word. When I heard that Dan Brown published yet another successful novel, “Inferno”, did I wonder how can he do it every time? Has a team of professional translators working in a dark corner of Italy (thanks to Silvio Berlusconi) to get the translation finished in time, working day and night to ensure the Italian translation is on the market as soon as possible, I did not feel jealous. I did not feel jealous of E.L. James when her 50 Shades of rubbish was successful and being read by all the frustrated housewives I knew. J.R. Rowling writes an adult fairy tale, invents a new species and is famous over night. Am I jealous? Of course not, they just got there first and my wonderful talent has just not been discovered yet.

I asked my chief feline, Nera, if she was jealous and she said no problem. She is the best, the most handsome, possesses great intelligence and told me that if anyone would dare to call her jealous she would leave a paw imprint on the most tender part of their body, so there we have it. No-one here is jealous. To compensate for my lack of jealousy today I am becoming a photographer: not quite Ansel Adams, Cecil Beaton or David Baily, but almost. Me not being jealous I can only congratulate them (through clenched teeth) with their success.

So to return to my masterpiece of green photography: next to my garden there is a natural meadow. The owners of the surrounding land planted the meadow when our apartment block was built and the wild flowers grow regularly every year. As soon as they produce seeds the meadow is cut down, the idea being that the seeds grow again next year. The annual mow usually takes place around mid-June. A feast for a camera lens, so here is an example of this year’s meadow: about 90% green with some colour from the flowers.

On this closing note I wish everyone a trouble free day and if your blogging neighbours are jealous, just ignore them. Think of Nera my feline, she has the best solution.

Meadow flowers


  1. I've always thought jealously is the most pointless of emotions, so try to avoid it wherever possible (not 100% sucessfully, I admit).

    Lovely shot of the wild-flower meadow :-)) I do so enjoy these kinds of places, much more so than organised and regimented ormamental gardens.