Thursday, 24 January 2013

WordPress Daily Prompt: Ready, set, go

Set a timer for ten minutes. Open a new post. Start the timer, and start writing. When the timer goes off, publish.  

Arrival at the vet Dr. Neuhaus

This was how it all started this morning, well almost. It needed a certain amount of devious planning to actually get Nera  our big fat (fluffy?) chief cat into the cage, without her noticing what was actually being planned. Yes it was the annual jab day for all cats, but having three we decide to take one at a time, preferably Nera first as she can be a bit difficult at the best of times.

The cage was positioned before the door, while we made first preparations, meaning check where Nera is and corner her with no chance of escape. Mr. Swiss then packed the black beast in his hands, I opened the cage and she was in before she could say meow. She meowed afterwards in a voice that probably reached the record decibels for a cat meow. She was then given a car ride to the vets and I carried on with normal life in the appartment. It was kitchen cleaning day. The journey to the vets usually only takes half an hour at the most. The vet is nearby. Precautions are usually made at the vets when Mr. Swiss arrives.

First question "Is that Nera?"

Mr. Swiss answer "Yes".

The vet disappears and arrives again with a sort of jeans material bag. Nera is popped into the bag, the zip is closed and you only see her head. Her reputation is well know at the vets. Nera does not like being touched and jabs are not her favourite thing.

The bag is lifted, Nera gets the jab. She is released from the bag and .......

In the meanwhile more then half an hour had passed. I was at home wondering what had happed and my phone rang.

"Sorry" said Mr. Swiss. "They have an emergency at the vets and I had to wait a long while."

"How did it go?"

"I am still waiting, but it should not go much longer."

Little did Mr. Swiss or I know the Nera reaction to be jabbed in her sensitive flanks with a needle. Not only her general jab, but on top of it all the insult of have anti worm medicine being injected. This seemed to damage her pride. Enough is Enough she thought. She was realeased from the zipped up bag and gently turned her head toward Mr. Swiss. His arms already had a couple of scratches, but she decided to take a bite.

At last Mr. Swiss arrived home with Nera, her dignity somewhat damaged and insulted.


Mr. Swiss showed me his arms covered with two plasters over the scratches. He then showed his thumb which was also covered completely with a plaster. He did make a few negative remarks about Nera (who had in the meanwhile escaped her cage and decided to take a walk outside), which I will not repeat in this blog. The vet said cat bites are dangerous, and if it would start to throb in the afternoon, he should perhaps see the doctor about a tetanus injection.

Memories of my first tetanus injection returned. Why? I had taken Nera to the vets for an annual jab, and had imprints of her teeth in my hand as a souvenir. The advice was go to the doctor. I told Mr. Swiss not to lose time as you do not wait for anything to throb if there is an infection. He called the doctor, could go along in half an hour. The doctor told him that a cat bite is one of the worst you can have, so he got his injection plus some antibiotics to take for three days.

Needless to say when he eventually arrived home, he was still not talking to Nera, who by this time had decided to take a sleep to recover from the exhaustions of the vet visit. 

There is no moral to this story, just that next week we have an appointment to take the other two cats, but we have the worst behind us. 

In the meanwhile the new cat ladder to the cupboard had been delivered and Mr. Swiss started to construct it. It looks quite good. A sort of spiral staircase leading to the top floor of the cupboard. Up to now no cat has set her paws on it, but I have a feeling that will be another blog some time in the future - with illustrations.


  1. I dread to think what Nera's comments on this subject would have been!!

  2. you are an excellent writer and MUST be a fast typist-
    For myself I can only manage the two-finger-search-and- find-shuffle

  3. I bet Nera thought you were all the nasties under the sun. LOL

    Poor Mr Swiss copped the worst of it though.

  4. I am a fast typist. I attended a speed typing course when I was at school and won the diploma for fast typing. I typed for ten minutes only. I did not count the time I needed to set up this post with the photo, otherwise I would not have written half of it. But I only wrote for ten minutes. I spend about an hour or so just thinking about what I want to write whilst I am doing other things, so when I sit down I know what I want to say.