Monday, 17 December 2012

WordPress Daily Prompt: Forever Young

If there were a real fountain of youth, would you drink the water?

Fountains Amthausplatz 3

At the age of sixty-six it gives you food for thought. Do I want to be a juvenile hip hopper in 2012 or would I prefer to grow grey gracefully (as my mum always said). There might be a few problems. My husband is a little ahead of me in years, not too much, but enough to strain our relationship when his other half would decide that life being retired and caring for the home, pets and cooking could become a little boring. He would sit at home in the evening looking at the clock and wondering when his wife would return from her evening out after having a rave at the local disco.

There is another problem. If I regain my youth, it would probably be expected that I again become a working woman with all the trimmings. Arising in the morning at sixish, breakfast, shower, dress and out into the cold, mounting the car and driving off to work. After four hours slaving in the office, an hour to eat and shop and another four hours working for a living before returning home: no, I do not think that I am ready for that again.

Then, of course, my son may be a little negative.

“What about it son, are you going out this evening?”

“Yes, there is a concert at the local disco (or whatever)”

“I think I will come as well. What time?”

“Err mum, you know the others go with their girlfriends and colleagues, their mums stay at home and watch television, read a book or perhaps do some handwork. You know, something relaxing.”

“You mean you do not want to take your mother with you. My grey hair has disappeared, so has my rhematism, I am fit and have even learnt how to dance Gangnam style and drum and bass is up my street. Son, where are you?”

Looks like he has gone and shut the door.

Somehow I think this fountain of youth is not ideal. I think I will pull the plug out and let the water drain away…….

“Husband what are you doing holding that cup under the water spout of that fountain?”

“I just thought I would try it out, it says you will feel forty years younger, all your senile problems disappear and you can enjoy life to the full.”

“Yes dear, well just forget it. You full life will definitely not be enjoyed with me.”

That evening we did not talk with each other. The next day everything was forgotton, all was forgiven and we decided that a fountain of youth was not a solution to any problems. Actually we do not have any problems, but probably would with a fountain of youth.


  1. LOL. That was a very amusing take on an age old (no pun intended) question.

    Should be seek immortality? In short, no. It's our mortality that defines us. Makes us strive, to achieve, to make our mark. If humanity had all the time in the world, it would always put things off til tomorrow, there's no hurry. We would stagnate, progress no further.

  2. Lol funny! I really think I'd enjoy such a possibility ! I've found that aging isn't all it's cracked up to be for me. I guess I can dream. :) I like your write

  3. *chuckle* times, yes, one would dream of forever young, but please without the stupid mistakes of first time around .....must say I look in the mirror these days and wonder "who stole my body?"