Sunday 16 December 2012

Me and Blogging

Remember - many of us were thrown out of Multiply and had to search for somewhere to blog. Those that are reading this arrived in Blogger. I always had a Blog here, and luckily I more or less kept it up to date as a back-up, so did not have to do a lot of copy past when Multiply decided to go commercial. I also had a Wordpress account, not so complete, but all my stories and poems were there as a second backup.

Blogger is a good place to be. No unnecessary gossip, serious and well planned. Many of our old groups in Multiply migrated to Blogger and it works very well, thanks to the work and efforts invested by the administrators of the groups.

You can do a lot with your blogger site. Make different pages, connect links, and add widgets. You can make a very attractive site. Decorate it, add design and photos Perhaps just a little effort is required to get the hang of things.

I decided Blogger was now my main blog, and Wordpress my backup. However, I have now promoted Wordpress to be equal with Blogger. Wordpress has qualities which I only discovered about a month ago, but for someone that enjoys blogging (writing) it is ideal.

Wordpress is very much there for the blogger and they have many various groups in this direction. I discovered the Daily Prompt and for a blogger, ideal. Every day there is a subject to blog about. Others join in and at the end of the day some interesting blogs appear. Above all there is a great interest to read what you have written. Sometimes I "re-blog" my efforts for the Daily Prompt here on Blogger and mark it as such, so if you wonder what this is, you now know. Sometimes an interesting theme and sometimes not so interesting.

They also have a weekly photo challenge, like our Picture Perfect. The theme is once a week and you can contribute photos to the theme. I partook once, but to be enjoyed in small doses. Whereas in Picture Perfect you might have perhaps one hundred entries (I am not sure) the contributions can go up to a thousand in WordPress and it is absolutely not possible to visit everyone. On the day I contributed I set up my record in Wordpress for views on my blog for 50 views. I decided I would not participate any more as it is almost too much stress. Even Picture Perfect got too stressful for me and then the competitions started. I am just not here to compete against anyone, but to enjoy.

Some say that the problem with Wordpress is that it can become expensive. They ask for money for everything. To a certain extent this is true. They have many themes and if you take them as they are they are free. You can develop them with widgets. If you want to change the colours, type, etc. you have to update, costing $30 per annum. you can even go profi and that can really get into the expensive. Photos are limited, although not for me as the amount allowed is generous. If you are interested in having a photoblog mainly, then it can become expensive.

I just wanted to say this to explain sometimes why my blogs have a Wordpress title. Basically you find me in 
Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss and The Cat Chronicles at Wordpress.


  1. I was pretty much aware of this already, but thanks for the update anyway. I have been loving Blogger, I actually prefer the way it works.

  2. I'm still a little sleepy... :)
    I haven't explored Wordpress but finally like blogspot... I'm not missing Multiply any more...

  3. I like blogger :) I have Facebook and blogster. I can hardly keep up. Lol. Glad you are here :)

  4. I don't miss Multiply at all, what we have here on Blogger is wonderful. A few select serious friends of like mind, nature and interests, actually I now get some work done.

    Doubt I could handle Wordpress, sounds busy busy. I do enjoy Mia's photo challenge on Facebook, there is some very nice people there too.