Sunday 23 December 2012

Daily Prompt: Study Abroad

If you were asked to spend a year living in a different location, where would you choose and why?

Eiffel Tower

“I think the plane from Paris has just landed Mary”

“Yes, the announcement is on the board. Our little girl is coming home after a year away. “

“Err, Mary, she is not our little girl any more and I wouldn’t treat her like one. She has been studying in another country and probably has become very independent. France is not so far and I am sure she can now speak French fluently.”

“But Joe, she will always be my little girl. Do you think she has recovered from her food problems. She told me on the phone, that she was putting on too much weight, and had to go to the doctors. I am sure those French doctors are not as good as ours.”

“She told me she had recovered and feels great. She also said to expect a surprise when she arrives.”

“You didn’t tell me that Joe. When did she say that.?”

“She called me yesterday and told me that everything is fine. By the way she is bringing someone with her.”

“Bringing someone with her! I hope not one of those foreigners.”

“Well sort of.”

“Joe what do you know that I do not know. She always tells you everything.”

“Cynthia is a very considerate daughter. She just didn’t want to get you worried or excited.”

“Joe, come out with it, What is it all about?”

“Mary, keep cool, don’t worry. And look, there she is. Looks very healthy, put on a little bit of weight, probably that fine French cooking.”

“Cynthia, Cynthia” and Mary was waving madly full of excitement. Although suddenly Mary stopped waving and had an astonished expression on her face. She turned to Joe.

“Joe, what is she carrying in her arms?”

“That’s the surprise Mary. That is the souvenir she is bringing from France.”

“Hi mum, hi dad. Lovely to be home again. Let me intoduce you to Marie.”

Marie seemed to be a wonderful baby girl. She was sleeping in Cynthia’s arms.

“B-b-but that is a baby. Where did you get that Cynthia. Are you looking after it for a friend that was on the same plane.”

“No, mum, this is your granddaughter. I was going to name her Mary after you, but Jean wanted a French name, and it is tradition in his family to name the first daughter after the grandmother. His grandmother is called Marie, so that was just great. Now your first grandchild is named after you as well, but in the French style. What do you think dad. Isn’t she sweet. Such lovely big brown eyes; Jean is proud.”

“Jean, Marie, just a moment. I think I feel a little giddy. Joe, can you explain please?”

“I only found out myself yesterday when Cynthia phoned me on my mobile. It seems we have become granparents.”

“And this is Jean Mum.”

Standing next to Cynthia was a tall Frenchman, with the same wonderful large brown eyes as Marie.

“Bonjour maman and papa. I am so glad to meet Cynthia’s parents. You have a wonderful daughter.
So clever et la femme de ma vie.”

“Dad, come quick, mum has fainted. The excitement was probably too much for her.”


  1. That's a very good angle shooting Eiffel.

  2. That was one of our holidays in Paris in 1990, this time just me and my husband. Otherwise we always took our sons with us. He was often in Paris on business and knew the town very well. One of my favourite cities in Europe. It was also our first digital camera that we had. We always stayed at the same hotel, just around the corner from the Eiffel Tower, Metro station Bir Hakim.