Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Daily Prompt: It's Alive

Write a Q&A style interview with an inanimate object
Closeup Fountain, St. Urs.

"Good morning, and how are you feeling on your high pinnacle above civilisation?"

"Civilisation? Well it is a bit confined to say the least. For the past few hundred years all I see is the main street. The only purpose I seem to serve is a photo subject for the tourists and inquisitive types like yourself, that think holding an interview with me will be interesting."

"But I noticed you were covered over for the past weeks. Now they have removed your covers and you look like new."

"i would hope so, all that slime and grime from the continuous water spashes, I was really turning green in certain places. Now I have been cleansed, although being showered with chemicals and hard jets of water was really very uncomfotable. It was not really done for my benefit, just for the general public that stare at me when they do not have anything more worthwhile to do. Now look at that, there is a man down there in the crowd in the street, just dipped his hand into the open handbag of a lady standing next to him and she did not even notice. Took her purse out."

"Is there nothing you can do about that?"

"Am I supposed to shout, point my fist, throw a stone at the thief? Hardly, they constructed my body to be strong, but forgot the inside parts. Even my brain is carved out of stone.  You would be surprised what I see up here. Do you remember the house roof that was destroyed by fire?"

"That was last year, it was in the newspaper."

"I can tell you that was uncomfortably close. One of the hottest days of my life. Even had a few black sooty marks to prove it. No-one seemed to bother about cooling me down, the firemen were only interested in the building that was burning. No consideration. I did not ask to be put here, listening to the endless noise from a stupid fountain. Typical human - just thinking of theirselves and a boost for the town. Not that people visit because of me, mainly because of the cathedral standing behind me."

"But you are a vey nice statue. Are they horns on your head?"

"On my head? How am I supposed to know what I have on my head, when I cannot turn it or look into a mirror. Now and again I do have a few negative thoughts. I would love to move around and look at what is behind me. A cathedral? I must admit it is not my sort of thing. Would prefer a night club, or a bar. Bring a bit of spice into the surroundings."

"I think I will have to end this interview. The sky is darkening and I felt a few drops of rain. I heard some thunder in the background."

"Lucky you, no go along and hide in a nice warm dry place. Don't bother about me standing here in the pouring rain with lightning flashes all around me. I am used to it. Just a few more green streaks on my body from the rain. And do not forget, there is many a monster which has been brought to life through a touch with a bolt of lightening."

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  1. I'm glad I'm not a statue. Would hate to have to stand outside in all weathers.