Friday, 7 December 2012

Caught in Flight

Chaffinch in flight

My photography is often more luck than judgement. All the more suprise when I uploaded this photo, amongst many of the Chaffinches I have in my garden. Yes - one getting ready to to and the other hovering in the air. I am still wondering how I did this.

And here is another one, a blue tit either landing or taking off. I still do not know how I did it.

Blue Tit landing


  1. Luv that last photo!!! Great shot!

  2. Rather good, Pat! Doesn't matter how!!

  3. Good timing to capture these images. The best thing is that you didn't have to go far.

  4. Fantastic captures Pat have a great weekend my friend;)

  5. Great shots, Pat!!! Sometimes these unexpected captures are great bonuses to a photo-shoot. Great one of the chaffinch in flight. The blue-tit looks like it's doing an impression of an angel!!