Saturday, 8 December 2012

A Mystery solved after 60 years

Notre Dame Cathedral, Boulogne, France

It's funny the coincidences in life. When we Multiply refugees had to search for a new place, some went here and some went there. I returned to Blogger and I met many Multiply colleagues here. I also met some new Multiply colleagues, People I had seen on Multiply but never really got to know. One of these colleagues is known as Nomad Traveller and he really does travel. Interesting journeys, lovely photos, Just up my street

Recently he made a trip to the town of Rye in England before boarding the boat next day to France. My mother boarded that boat some time in the 1930's, before the war with her friend of many years for a day trip to France. Probably her first step outside english soil. Her friend married my mother's brother after the war, when he was released from the POW camp and came home. So she became my aunt eventually.

Am digressing a little. My mother had a collection of old black and white photos shot with her Brownie box camera. After she passed on my dad gave me the photos. I knew most of the photos as I often looked at them as a kid, asking mum "Who is that?", or "Where is that?". One of the mysteries in the collection was the above photo. I kept it, wondering from time to time where it was, but somehow I remember her saying she took it somewhere in France.

Today the mystery was solved. My cyber friend Nomad Traveller posted a photo of the same church, naturally in far better detail and colour, but I recognised it straght away. It is the Notre Dame Cathedral in Boulogne, France. I knew my mother did go on her one day excursion to Boulogne. Her memories being that the French eat horse meat and she got stung on her visit by a hornet. So thank you Nomad Traveller, the mystery is solved after so many years. My old photo is now scanned into my computer. I played with it a bit to bring it to its old depth of colour, but it seems the cathedral is still standing after a World War.


  1. Ahhh, the wonder that is the internet :-)) I'm sure Neil will be pleased to know he helped solve the mystery.

  2. The wonder of the internet indeed but there's no such thing (in my book) as a coincidence!

  3. I so that same post, isn't it nice to have finally ID's your Mom's photo