Tuesday, 7 August 2012

United Friends Challenge #275 - Wall Watching

Shadowlight1's Challenge
Write a story, a chapter, a scene or a continuation of any one of the aforementioned.
You can adopt any genre using the following sentence as an inspiration.
2000 words or less.
Prompt Sentence: Why is the cat staring at the wall?
Just sitting around and staring at things is a nice way of passing time. Some just think of us felines as mysterious creatures, but we are really just stink normal. It is not that I have a taste for architectural constructions, like dogs. If a dog sees a brick wall it just puts its leg in the air and, well you know the rest. At least we cats are aesthetic. We perform our task and bury it, just like our mum told us to do.

“Mrs. Human, what are you doing? Please do not walk between me and the wall.”

“But Nera cat you have been staring at that brick wall for the past quarter of an hour.”

“And??? I can stare at what I want to for as long as I want to. It is my business. So Mrs. Human please do not block my view of the wall.”

“Nera, I will never understand cats. There is not even a mouse to be seen anywhere near the wall, or a bird perched on the top. Not even anything cat needful on the other side of the wall.”

“Mrs. Human, we don’t have to be looking at a wall just because there might be something edible near the wall. My life does not just revolve around food. I am contemplating at the moment.”

“Contemplating what Nera?”

“None of your business Mrs. Human; just go for a shopping trip or something useful. I noticed the tins of tuna have reached a low level in the cupboard this week.”

“In that case I will leave you to your wall and go. I will never understand cats” and Mrs. Human departed thank goodness.

I thought she would never go. Humans like to have their quiet moments and who am I to disturb them. They sit down every evening and stare at a box in the corner of the room, watching pictures flashing on and off and usually stuffing themselves full of junk food. They think they are the superior race. If humans could see their stupid faces when they are gazing into their televisions.

Of course, now and again they watch something beneficial and of advantage. There might be a programme about bird life showing our feathered friends flying, perching on trees and singing. That is really something to make your mouth water. We cats also like to watch sport programmes. Humans chasing a ball around. Even we cats join in, although Mrs. Human is not happy about that. She says that it is not good to scratch the television screen.

So now I will return to my wall and carry on with my meditating.

“Hello Tabby, Fluffy, do you want to join me”

“A good idea Nera, I am just in the mood for concentrating on a wall. What about you Fluffy.”

“No thanks Tabby, my requirement for wall staring has been fulfilled today. I spent the entire morning staring at the cupboard door outside in the garden and now my eyes are weary.”

“I assume you had a good reason for staring at a garden cupboard door Fluffy.”

“Oh yes Nera, the mouse family are still there. They spent the cold Winter days sheltering in the cupboard and now they are preparing to leave for new pastures. I was waiting for them to come out.”

“Oh Fluffy, do you really think that any self-respecting mouse would freely leave the safety of a cupboard when they smell cat.”

“Just leave him to his Fluffy ideas Tabby. So are you going to join me in staring at the wall or not?”

“Of course Nera. There is nothing worse than staring at a wall alone-“

“Thanks Tabby, you are a real sister.”

“Hello cats, I am back from my shopping trip. They had a special offer at the supermarket. Two tins of tuna fish for the price of one.”

“Fantastic Mrs. Human. How many tins did you buy?”

“Well I had to take advantage of the offer so I bought twenty tins.+

“Ok, Mrs. Human, we will help you  put seventeen of them in the cupboard.”

“I said it was twenty tins, not seventeen.”

“Yes Mrs. Human twenty tins, minus three tins, one for each of us.”

“I see, but I don’t want to disturb your wall watching.”

“Wall watching? Who said anything about wall watching. We have more important things to do than watching a wall, don’t we cats?”

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