Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Foto fun, Week 82 - The Hat

Dad outside Joe Corals
So here we are on a bright and sunny day in Oxlow Lane, Dagenham, just East of London, England. It was 25th September 2005 and my dad's ninety years old birthday. We went for a walk as he remembered he should bought a bet on a horse at one of his favourite places, Joe Coral. He probably won something, he always did, although never a fortune. He just likes a little bet now and again.

The hat - well an "Andy Capp" as it is known in the working man's jargon, something my dad has always worn. Even my Mr. Swiss now wears one in Winter (bought at Marks and Sparks on our trips to england of course).

My dad doesn't go out so much any more, he has a few lady friends that do that for him, although he still manages to get around, mainly on the bus (he has a freedom pass - something senior citizens living in London have where they don't have to pay during the daily hours). He is now 96 years old.

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