Tuesday 7 August 2012

United Friends Challenge #263: I, me and Myself?

Mary Patricia's Challenge
Christmas Wish List
You are allowed eight wishes inside your Christmas stocking this year.
Write a poem about the eight wishes you have chosen.
You can fill your stocking with anything you wish for.
(It does not need to be material things.)
Merry Christmas everyone

Now where shall I start, I begin with myself
At my age it is clear, to remain in good health
No bones to be broken, or things going wrong
I have suffered enough, and could sing you a song

May Switzerland thrive with work at its peak
The banks must make profits, please be calm wiki leak
It has to be said, so I give it a mention
All I want at my age is to get the Swiss pension

Another wish I have and I do not want perfume
I know it is selfish, but my stocking has room
That my computer stays healthy, is not stolen by a crook
I need all the contacts I found in Facebook

A robot would be fine, to do all the work
The eternal cleaning just makes me berserk
I could sit in a chair and read or just think
The robot would work for me at the sign of a wink

And before I forget I do not like snow
It makes ice on the roads and that is my foe
Christmas day let it snow, I really don’t mind
But then it must stop, so please be so kind

I have a secret wish, something hidden inside
A yearning to learn, I have tried, how I tried
All are against me, they say we dislike
But please let me ride a two wheeler bike

I, me and myself are my wishes I know
Of course, I want more for the others to show
A nice peaceful world, no wars and no fights
Those that must suffer have full human rights

But humans are humans and this will not change
So fill up my stocking with something we arrange
More understanding for problems of others
Let us all come together, let us be brothers.  

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