Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Secret Weapon of Switzerland

Army Chocolate

Yes we have one, seen being sold in a supermarket, where? In a supermarket, Switzerland's latest development in combat against the enemy, Army chocolate and UTZ certified (meaning that the cocoa beans or whatever were in an environmentally kind concept grown - or something like that).

Thinking back to the days when my son was a Swiss soldier, I know that his supplies on manoevres contained a portion of Swiss Army chocolate. Not so nicely packed as this one, more in a rough aluminium, but it helped him to battle his way through forests infected with squirrels, grass snakes and even mice. He fought his way over streams holding his rifle in the air to prevent it getting damp, but the Swiss soldier always had a bar of Swiss army chocolate in his r├╝cksack to sustain him when things really got tough.

Now it seems the food industry has discovered this healthy food and is selling it to all in supermarkets. I was a bit unsettled knowing that this was reserved for our soldiers. We don't have a navy, no sea available. We do have an airforce, but at the moment they are busy buying new planes from Sweden. The planes have not actually been seen yet, as the Swedes still have them on the drawing board, but our military are convinced they will be the solution to any air battles that we might have.

In the meanwhile back to the vitamine enhanced fortifying chocolate rations, now available to all. This of course means that our working people from other countries can now also buy supplies in the local supermarket, but do not fear. The Italians are too busy buying their San Marzano pear shaped tomatoes for the spaghetti sauce, and those from the Balkan countries spices for their cevapcici or other such firey dishes.

Our Swiss chocolate remains reserved for our land fighting forces and the Swiss population. By the way it is quite good I must admit. Mr. Swiss did wonder why I actually bought this, but when I told him for a photo, he just shook his head (again).


  1. Is Swiss Army Chocolate like a Swiss Army Knife? Not only good to eat, but opens bottles and gets stones out of horses hooves?? LOL.

  2. My son always had two swiss army knives. One that he actually used, and the other he kept clean for the inspection by the officer in charge.

  3. I wouldn't mind sampling that chocolate bar....if it fends off snakes and other nasty critters it might work on the Florida gators LOL

    Sounds to me like you do lots of stuff that makes MR shake his head....poor man he's gonna rattle his brains one day!

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