Wednesday 29 August 2012

Creative Challenge #219 - The Journey

Tunnel in Motorway Solothurn-Biel

She could hear footsteps in the corridor. The computer was online with Bonzo and the bytes were travelling over cyberspace. There was no time to spare, she must go. She ran and how she ran, jumped the stairs on the fire escape, no time to take one after the other. Through the automatic opening glass doors and onto the parking lot. If the glass doors had not openened she would probably have smashed them with anything she had found. A fire extinguisher was hanging on the wall and that would have done the trick.

Elaine knew that it would be a matter of seconds for her getaway, but it was now or never. She could already hear footsteps behind her. Yes, they were clever and fast and lost no time, especially for the kill and Elaine would be the kill, this she knew.

She opened the car door and fumbled for the ignition, key. The motor roared, her foot was on the accelerator and she was off. No care whether there was anything in the way. From the parking lot to the main road, no problem. There might have been a problem, but she did not look for one. Somehow she squeezed into the traffic pouring past. A quick look in the mirror showed that they had not wasted time and were already chasing her. If only she reached the tunnel in time, she knew they could not overtake her. It was a motorway and only one lane of traffic on each side.

The entrance to the tunnel flew past melting with the solid walls and she had a clear path in front. Her foot was now down to the car floor, she could not get more speed out of her car so she just hoped for the best. The broken lines painted on the middle of the road were soon one continuous line, she had never driven this fast before. There was a sound like "ping" and her side mirror was shattered by a bullet. Sweat ran down her back, her clothes stuck to her body, but Elaine did not care. There was only one way to avoid the final bullet and she swerved to the opposite lane, praying that it was still empty. In the distance she saw the lights of oncoming traffic and waited until the last chance to return to her original lane. This time the bullet rebounded on the wall of the tunnel, although she did not notice it, she had to get away. She saw light at the end of the tunnel, at last she would be on the open road, but they were still following. The light got brighter, the rear window of her car shattered and she flew into the light, nothing held her back any more.

When the police arrived at the car wreckage, they could not even confirm that she had been killed by a bullet and were convinced she had burnt to death in the car fire. Many spectators watched, amongst them her pursuers, satisfied with the days work.

In the meanwhile, on the other side of town, there was a computer receiving information, the screen flashing in front of a chair where a man called Bonzo was sitting, a bullet in his head. They had not been lazy. All threats had been removed. The government, although corrupt, would continue to survive. Punishing innocent people saying the right thing at the wrong time and proof of their lies had been removed from a computer belonging to a man called Bonzo. Information that was sent by a young lady called Elaine. Elaine's journey had come to its end but there were other travellers taking the same route to freedom.

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  1. I enjoy the energy of the car chase and this made curious to know more about what Elaine was doing and why they were after her.

  2. This was a different side of you I don't think I have seen before.

  3. The excitement of the chase had my adrenaline pumping!
    The combination of the tunnel, a fiery crash and a fatality reminded me of Princess Di, for some reason.

    Filled with energy and thrills!!

    thanks for dropping by, Pat

  4. Great write! Luv your creativity here!!!!!