Tuesday 7 August 2012

Photo Course and we have a new printer

Vase Reflection 200 ISO
This was not a photo I had to do for my photo course but I liked the way it reflected from the sun on the surface it was standing on and on the wall. OK I suppose it was a sort of photo from the course. I did it without switching the automatic thingy on. The only alteration I did was to programme the ISO values. You don't know what I mean, well don't worry, I don't really know myself, but it seems the ISO value is the first step.

I have now had three lessons and two to go. My camera is a Panasonic Lumix FZ38, commonly known as a Bridge camera. It is not a single lens reflex camera (I think that is the english word for it). Mine is not one where you screw all sorts of extensions onto the lens and walk around like a professional. It is just point and click, but has so many whistles and bells that you can organise your own photos without doing it automatically.

Actually there are only two of us in the course with a bridge camera, the others are all equipped with their Canon professional stuff. I am just too old to go into it. I just like to walk around with a camera and take pictures. I don't really do photo safaris in foreign countries. Anyhow the bloke doing the course happens to live in my village and he is very good.

So what have we learnt so far. I don't really know if I have learnt anything, but I am now taking photos with the "S" thingy (shutter?) and "M" which is manual; sort of experiments with depth of focus. My cats are the ideal models. Photos follow but as I said we have a new printer from today and at the moment still at the cursing and excitement stage as it needs lots of preparation and fixing until it works properly - we have a network printer. Tomorrow the world will be in order again (I hope). We also learnt that white is not white, but can be sort of greyish, yellowy or goodness knows what. There is even a bell/whistle on the camera for adjusting the white balance according to the light effects, cloudy, sunny, artificial light etc. etc.  which I have also been fiddling around with.

At the moment it is a bit of trying out to see what happens. So that is the news from a small village somewhere in the middle of Switzerland from a bewildered english lady that gets on everyone's nerves taking pictures (especially the cats).


  1. That’s a really great shot! Did you apply a filter on it, by any chance? I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems to have this film grain effect on it. In any case, if your shots are this good, your prints are bound to be just as good as well!

    Roselia Mangione

    1. This shot was just one of the lucky ones. the sun was shining through the blinds causing the various reflections on the reflecting furniture and wall, so I grabbed the chance and snapped away with my Panasonic Lumix FZ38 which is not a DSLR camerea, so nothing special. I didn't use a filter.

  2. Lucky or not, Pat, it’s still a good photo! And although it wasn’t a DSLR camera, it’s still a good snapshot. Don’t sell yourself short. A DSLR camera doesn’t make a good photographer and you’re still just starting out. It takes a lot of practice, time, and dedication to be a master of your craft, but you’ll get there nonetheless.

    Jake Grant