Wednesday 8 August 2012

Market Festival Solothurn, Switzerland, 2012

Here we are again. An annual event in our small market town of Solothurn, a kilometer along the main road to where I live. Just a ten minute ride with the local train. I used to be a regular visitor when I belonged to the local first aid organisation. My first stop was naturally to visit my colleagues that were still holding up the good work. They said they did not recognise me so well without my characteristic yellow t-shirt, so of course I took a photo of them in their tent where they were keeping up the good work. The only casualty they seemed to have was me this afternoon as I was tired and not used to wonderful sunshine any more. So introducing the Feldbrunnen-Riedholz Samariter.

Märetfescht 2012

During the day the festival rotates around the various market stalls, showing crockery, ornaments, hardware and the various clothing. I just took a walk around and took photographs. As it is a very old town (one of the oldest in Switzerland, its original name being Solodorum from the Roman times) I hope I managed to capture a bit of the ancient surroundings, street cobbles, narrow alleys and of course the cathedral. By the way the young man you see in blue jeans and a blue t-shirt looking at the records on the record stall is my oldest son. I happened to meet him as he had just finished work and decided to have a look around. So here is the slide show (I hope it works, never done it before but saw it on the site belonging to Belita, my Portuguese colleague here and I would recommend have a look at her site - she has some very good photos from her local market festival).

During the evening it is music, dancing and high life and the wine and beer are flowing - one of the reasons the first aid people are there.

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